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    To get technical on you, the reason most/all Greek male names end in "s" is because they are male nominative singulars- in English we got rid of most of our case endings back between Middle English and Modern English. So while a Greek name might technically be Vasillis, for example, everyone will call him Vasilli. Ditto many of the names that others have mentioned. So it really comes down to whether your friend wants a name derived from the Greek (Constantine, Dimitri, etc) or the actual Greek version (Constantinos, Dimitrios). HTH! By the way, my favorite Greek male names are Apollo (actual Greek Apollos), Adonis, Orion, Odysseus, Stratos, and Theron. A Greek friend, looking for a Greek name that he thought would work in the US, named his child Xenon.

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    Thanks for the help everyone. She hasn't responded to my I'm kind of scared. Haha.

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