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    Hometown cemetery

    While I was up in my hometown visiting people, I took a walk through the local cemetery and couldn't help writing down the best (read most unique) names. Here they are and would love your opinions.

    I've listed the date of birth so you know when these names were given:


    Vollie Dean -- 1931
    Dee -- 1906
    Fletcher -- 1900
    Fleming -- 1893
    Kenion -- 1880
    Dixon -- 1829
    Rufus -- 1880
    Garner -- 1879
    Dewey -- 1898
    Penzel -- 1890
    Ant -- 1836 -- there were a few of these with the same last name
    Hamp -- 1858
    Geo -- 1844
    Silas -- 1879
    Alonzo -- 1800
    Leland -- 1896
    Willis JaHue -- 1924 -- JaHue was the middle name
    Virgil Daniel -- 1898 -- love Virgil and there were several of them
    Algene -- 1920 -- Col. in the US Army during WWII
    Bedford -- 1910
    Elves -- 1885
    Glenford -- 1917
    Clell -- 1933
    Elmo -- 1912
    Stivers -- 1911
    Raybourne -- 1913
    Winfrey -- 1915
    Amicus -- 18876


    Corinne -- 1917
    Flossie -- 1907
    Henrietta -- !903 -- not unique for the time, I just love it
    Leona -- 1895
    Neoma -- 1896
    Marilyn Josephine -- 1938 -- just loved the combo
    Oma -- 1895
    Algarene -- 1883
    Delsena -- 1879
    Faye -- 1915
    Essie -- 1874
    Lula -- 1895
    Lillard -- 1907
    Alta -- 1904
    Otheal -- 1915
    Letha -- 1899
    Zem -- 1870
    Civility -- 1826 -- nickname Callie
    Imagene -- 1966 -- I thought it said Imagine at first, it's an interesting misspelling
    Emogene -- 1920 -- not as interesting as this one
    Molena -- 1893
    Eugenie Anne -- 1936
    Frelove -- 1848
    America -- 1842
    Blanch -- 1883
    Eula -- 1894
    Loreda Louise -- 1932
    Twila -- 1921
    Luona -- 1885
    Evva -- 1922
    Floy -- 1912
    Zora -- 1888
    Nodie -- 1885
    Juanice -- 1932
    Vinita -- 1912
    Cornelia -- 1888 -- love this name
    Nola -- 1902
    Nobia -- 1910
    Fairy -- 1905 -- My Amazon Author Page

    Represented by:

    Proud Mama to:
    Persephone Elysia Willow -- June 5th, 2013
    Amelia Lorien Sophia -- December 2015.

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    Yay! I love cemetery names. I love their weirdness.


    Vollie Dean -- Vollie is kind of a cute idea, but I think the "ie" make it feel feminine to me. If I hadn't seen Dean, I would assume this was a girl.

    Dee -- Feels so unfinished

    Fletcher -- Seems contemporary

    Fleming -- Same as above

    Kenion -- Huh...kind of cool. Would never use it because nobody would know how to spell it. If I only heard it, I would assume Kenyon. But I like Kenion better, actually.

    Dixon -- I like this. I like the length, the look, and the sound.

    Rufus -- I've seen it on here too much, so find it a bit boring.

    Garner -- Not bad, but I prefer Garvey

    Dewey -- Had a stuffed animal Dewey Duck growing up. All I can think of is his awesome blue and yellow hat.

    Penzel -- Not into the Pen- beginning. This name has teasing potential.

    Ant -- Moving right

    Hamp -- Sounds like a combination between Pampers and Huggies. Now Hampton wouldn't be bad....

    Geo -- Too much of a prefix: Geothermal, Geography, etc.

    Silas -- I love this. Love it. Its rising popularity makes me sad, but it's a name worthy of rising, so I understand.

    Alonzo -- Reminds me of Almonzo from Little House on the Prairie

    Leland -- This one is nice, and coming back in.

    Willis JaHue -- Gesundheit.

    Virgil Daniel -- I just see "virgin" in this. It doesn't bother me in Virginia, but not a fan of it here.

    Algene -- Algae.

    Bedford -- Aww! A little sleepy head! I'm picturing the cutest little toddler in his little pajamas, all sprawled out in his bed. Haha

    Elves -- North Pole.

    Glenford -- Glen is a bit too feminine.

    Clell -- This one is tough to say.

    Elmo -- Well, I guess before the Muppet this would have been a legit option. I can't shake that association enough to even determine if I would have liked it.

    Stivers -- Is that a long or short I?

    Raybourne -- This is kind of neat.

    Winfrey -- Aww...haha...kind of feminine, but it's kind of cute.

    Amicus -- I hear "mucus."


    Corinne -- Too normal.

    Flossie -- Too dental. But actually, I do like it.

    Henrietta -- Never liked this; always thought of chickens. (Hen....)

    Leona -- I actually found Leora and Leola in different cemeteries. I like all three.

    Neoma -- Oops, someone misspelled Naomi.

    Marilyn Josephine -- Marilyn has actually caught my attention as of late. Sounds so '50s and glamorous.

    Oma -- This feels very European.

    Algarene -- Algene's sister? Bet it is. Algae II.

    Delsena -- I would actually like this if it didn't look like two separate Spanish words to me. I feel like it's Del Sena. I don't think Sena is even a word, but that's how it feels to me.

    Faye -- I picture my great aunt. She wore it well, but to me, it's not ready to be used yet.

    Essie -- FAVORITE. I love Essie. LOVE it.

    Lula -- Cutie.

    Lillard -- Gross. Sounds like gizzard.

    Alta --Not bad. Looks like Atlas though.

    Otheal -- Not bad, but not my style. Pronunciation seems a bit vague.

    Letha -- I hear "lethal"

    Zem -- Zem should be a boy, but if this were Zemma it would be cute.

    Civility -- Cool, but wouldn't use it.

    Imagene -- Not my style

    Emogene -- Not my style

    Molena -- I like this. Reminds me of Monema, a name I found in a cemetery.

    Eugenie Anne -- I just don't get into the Eu- names.

    Frelove -- I've seen Freelove, which makes more sense to me, but neither are my style.

    America -- Hah...when I was little I thought it would be a fun idea to name a daughter America.

    Blanch -- I know a middle-aged Blanch. Not my style. I hear "bland."

    Eula -- Another Eu-.

    Loreda Louise -- Ooo...Loreda is fun to say. And I like the way it looks.

    Twila -- I think Twila is awesome.

    Luona -- Not bad.

    Evva -- No need for two V's.

    Floy -- I think Floyd.

    Zora -- Loving this name. Very cool.

    Nodie -- Ooo...I actually like this!

    Juanice -- Nah

    Vinita -- This sounds awesome.

    Cornelia -- I like this one too, but you know she'd never live Corny down.

    Nola -- Love this.

    Nobia -- Like this, but not as much as Nodie and Nola.

    Fairy -- Too over-the-top.
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    Loreda Louise is my favorite!!

    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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    I love Virgil too! I would pair his name with Eula and Faye! Thanks for sharing, Dantea!
    All the best,

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