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    Sibling for Gabrielle

    We're not expecting yet. But, it took until the day after our daughter was born to decide on Gabrielle so I decided I better get started with the next one before he/she is on the way! I had name regret until she was about 6 months old which I would love to somehow avoid with number two. It's such a huge decision and my taste is all over the place!

    Our little girl's name is Gabrielle Amelia. Amelia was the middle name from the beginning as it was my great grandmother's middle name.

    Here are other names we considered with reasons we didn't choose:
    Caitlin - too popular with the many spellings
    Sarah - too plain to me, husband loved
    Catherine - common and didn't care for some nicknames
    Harper - seemed trendy
    Savannah - husband didn't like
    Lorelei - husband didn't care for
    Gretchen (gg's 1st name) - people think it's too harsh - also a country singer with that name has our last name as well

    If we have another girl, I feel we need something feminine like Gabrielle. I like the idea of a name ending in "ette" but I can't find one I like. I also love nicknames so any name with lots of choices, I like. For a girl middle name, I love Matilda (grandmother's middle) and James (father's first - hubs hates this idea because it's a male name).

    For a boy, I love strong and traditional names like Nathaniel and Gaines. My husband thinks those sound snobby (which I see no problem with). It seems like a boy would be easier to name but it's probably because I haven't had to do it yet.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!!

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    Would your husband go for Matilda Jaime? How does he feel about Nathan, or Maxime (Max). The later's more traditional with a current nn

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    I like Matilda James but can't really just Matilda as a first. My dog's name is Hailey Matilda and I often call her Tilly and Tilda. I wasn't planning on having children when I named her or I wouldn't have use Matilda for her at all.

    I personally don't care for Nathan but love Nathaniel and Nate. A friend has a Maddox/Max but I do love that name!

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    love but can't use:
    Elisabet/Elisabetta - tons of Elizabeths in my family
    Camille/Camilla - possibly my favorite ever but nephew is Kameron (yes, with a K..) too similar, right?
    Emmeline - neice named Emily, same problem

    Georgette - not sure I want to go with the feminine of a male name again, afraid it will get cheesy
    Henriette - same
    Nicolette - same
    Josephine - same
    Eugenie/Eugenia - same

    Like and added to my list:
    Violette - adorable, like Violet spelling better
    Alisanne - never heard of it but my mom's name is Alisa so I like
    Lucinda - my dad LOVES Lucy so a neat way to get there besides Lucille
    Vivienne - like the nn Viv, sounds so hip
    Miranda - this always ends up on my lists but can't commit

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