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Thread: NSRN Quiz

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    NSRN Quiz

    DD1 FN: What is your favorite sport?

    Soccer: Iris
    Basketball: Madelyn
    Baseball: Louisa
    Swimming: Georgia
    Other: Eva

    DD1 MN: What do you like to do in your spare time?

    Read: Henley
    Play video games: Acacia
    Shopping: Celyn
    Hang out with friends: Nessa
    Play sports: Phoenix

    DS1 FN: What is your favorite emoji face?

    Crying Laughing: Merrick
    Heart Eyes: Oak
    Blushing: Luca
    Sunglasses: Asher
    Other: Ormond

    DS1 MN: What is your favorite type of movie?

    Romantic: Eli
    Comedy: Tobias
    Horror: Declan
    Drama: Bruno
    Thriller: Nathaniel

    DD2 FN: What superpower would you want the most?

    Invisibility: Hazel
    Flight: Whitley
    Shapeshifting: Emily
    X-ray Vision: Dove
    Super Strength: Monet

    DD2 MN: What is your favorite superhero?

    The Hulk: Lena
    The Flash: Julyet
    Superman: Kate
    Batman: Thea
    Wonder Woman: Kaia

    DS2 FN: What mood are you in right now?

    Tired: William
    Happy: Banner
    Upset: Colie
    Chill: Miles
    Flirty: Obadiah

    DS2 MN: What is your favorite type of food?

    Mexican: Pan
    Italian: Truman
    American: Jax
    Japanese: Elliott
    Other: Lynn

    My Answers:
    DD1: Iris Nessa
    DS1: Merrick Tobias
    DD2: Emily Julyet
    DS2: Miles Truman

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    DD1: Eva Henley
    DS1: Ormond Declan
    DD2: Whitley Kate
    DS2: Miles Lynn
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