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    Your name: Elena Scarlett Sterling

    You are 21 years old and just graduated from college, majoring in English. Your boyfriend Lucas Benjamin Emerson has just proposed to you! How did he do it?
    3. He Asked the pastry chef to write, "Will you marry me?" in chocolate sauce around the rim of your dessert plate.

    You get married in the spring. Describe the wedding
    We get married in a botanical garden in mid-May. We invited a few close friends and family members.

    5 Years later you find out that your pregnant! At your first ultrasound you're in for a shock! Your having triplets!
    8 months later you have 3 healthy babies

    1-2: All girls

    All first names come from:
    Middle names are your choice!

    Names: Caroline Juliet, Lucy Annabeth, & Scarlett Josephine

    It's 6 years later and you decide to have another baby. You find out your pregnant Christmas Eve and it's the best christmas gift ever! you have..
    3-4: Identical twin boys

    You choose the first names and middle names come from:
    Names: Sayer Durand and Wystan Rayner

    1 year later your family vacations in:
    3. France

    and you decide to adopt two kids from where you vacationed! Their first names can be anything and their middle names relate to where they are from

    2. 8 year old B/G twins

    Names: Sterling Dashiell and Rosalie Maelle

    Having 7 kids is hectic, but you love it! 5 years later you miss having a baby to cradle in your arms so you decide to have one more baby...

    1-2: Twins of your choice

    First names come from:
    And middle names come from:
    Names: Chandler Davis and Porter Benedict

    Just as everything was falling into place a big change occurs!
    1. You live in France for 2 years because of your job

    Regardless of what happened, you adopt twins from France Name is completely your choice!

    1-2: Newborn twin girls

    Names: Elodie Fleur and Lea Lucienne

    My Family:
    Elena & Lucas
    Caroline, Lucy & Scarlett
    Sayer & Wystan
    Sterling & Rosalie(adopted from France)
    Chandler & Porter
    Elodie & Lea(adopted from France)

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