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    Name the Babies, G1 Results

    I just want to say that there is a lot of creative people on Nameberry Well done, everyone.

    Theodore Michael "Theo" & Daphne Violet Knowles
    DD: Philippa Rose "Pippa" (bb)
    DD: Margaret Lily "Maisie" (redvelvet)
    DS/DS: Nicholas River "Nico" & Alexander Reed "Xander" (lifesaboutmusic)
    DD: Katherine Daisy "Kiki" (redvelvet)
    DS: Charles Aspen "Chaz" (redvelvet)

    Sebastian Jacob & Ramona Elizabeth Langley
    DS: Vincent Eric (lifesaboutmusic)
    DD: Felicity Adele (invisiblestudent)
    DD: Cassandra Holly (lifesaboutmusic)
    DD: Paige Sarah (redvelvet)
    DS/DD: Gabriel Dean & Claire Delia (redvelvet)

    James Declan & Alexandra Grace McMahon
    DS/DS: Ronan Charles & Colin Samuel (bb)
    DD: Fiona Audrey (bb)
    DS: Aiden Kurt (bailibsmum)
    DD: Poppy Mia (fantastique)
    DS: Riley Cooper (december901)

    Robert Augustus & Mia Katherine Boyle
    DD: Zoe Aurora (bowtiful)
    DS: Caleb Evander (sarav_99)
    DD: Harper Luna (lifesaboutmusic)
    DS: Noah Castor (smaugthestupendous)
    DS/DS: Jacob Vulcan & Mason Pollux (redvelvet)

    Gideon Thomas & Charlotte Marie Kirkland
    DD: Elsie Charlotte (redvelvet)
    DS: Owen Nicholas (bb)
    DS: Isaac Tobias (bailibsmum)
    DS/DD: Ian Gabriel & Anya Marion (dolliegirl)
    DD: Emma Katherine (redvelvet)

    Peter Nicolai & Jordan Victoria Sharpe
    DS: Rowan Alfred (ho_hey)
    DS/DD: Blake Edwin & Quinn Lucia (sarav_99)
    DD: Sage Amara (sarav_99)
    DS: Avery Felix (dolliegirl & december901)
    DD: Casey Nadia (lifesaboutmusic)
    Name nerd. Cat lover. Proud aunt to Ellen Lizzie 3/17/2015

    Lovely Girls
    Iris Margareta*Alma Josephine*Ophelia May*Ramona Juliet*Willow Beatrice*Phoebe Amelia*
    Alice Theodora*Matilda Jane*Florence Mary*Edith Grace*Audrey Elisabeth*Rose Viviana*
    Handsome Boys
    James Henry*William August*Owen Frederick*Isaiah Paul*Sebastian Charles*Louis Andrew*
    Caleb James*Wyatt Nicholas*Thomas Emilio*Alexander John*Samuel Evan*Gabriel Matthew*

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