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    1-2 syllable middles for Aurora?

    Aurora has been on and off my list for a while now, but I keep coming back to it, inspired by the beautiful Northern Lights.

    The problem is finding a middle name that fits without being R-heavy or too hippie-ish (Ex: Aurora Skye). Here is my short list... I'd appreciate feedback and suggestions! (Our last name is 3 syllables and begins with B, so a 1-2 syllable name would fit best.)

    Aurora Blythe
    Aurora Maeve
    Aurora Pearl (too R-heavy?)
    Aurora Beatrix (is Beatrix pronounced Bea-trix or Be-a-trix? If it's 3 syllables it won't work for us.)
    Aurora Plum (total GP name for me, I'd probably never really use it... I can't picture an angst-ridden teenager with such a sugary name, lol)

    ETA: Aurora Violet (forgot this one when I initially posted, but again I wonder if it is in that "hippy-dippy" range?)

    We can't use middles such as June, Mae, etc for various reasons, and I don't like Grace or Rose (which are R-heavy besides). I'm also not interested in borrowing names from our family tree as it's not my style and I don't want DS to feel left out since neither his first nor middle name honor anyone in our families.

    Any other suggestions are much appreciated =)
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    I like Aurora Blythe best of your list. I pronounce Beatrix with three syllables. And here are a few more suggestions:
    Aurora Kate
    Aurora Blair
    Aurora Brooke (maybe that is too hippy?)
    Aurora Faye
    Aurora Clare
    Aurora Yvonne
    Aurora Elise
    Aurora Brielle

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    Beatrix is 3 syllables.

    Aurora Blythe is really nice, one I could see using myself even. Aurora Maeve is too but I think I like Blythe that little bit more.

    Other ideas:

    Aurora Simone
    Aurora Delphine
    Aurora Lilith
    Aurora Gwen
    Aurora Liv
    Aurora Claire
    Aurora Elle
    Aurora Lily
    Aurora Ivy
    Aurora Kay

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    I really like Aurora Blythe! Aurora has always been a love of mine, and Blythe is just beautiful.

    Beatrix is three syllables.

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    I like Aurora Blythe the most from your list. From the suggestions so far, Aurora Clare/Claire is my favourite.
    I was going to suggest Aurora Maud, but that's a bit -au- heavy. Also considered Aurora Bloom which I love, but is probably to hippie-ish or strange for you.
    Aurora Alice
    Aurora Adele
    Aurora Anna
    Aurora Belle
    Aurora Clio
    Aurora Daphne
    Aurora Dina/Dinah
    Aurora Edith
    Aurora Elspeth
    Aurora Ellen
    Aurora Frances
    Aurora Ida
    Aurora Ismay
    Aurora Joy
    Aurora Juno
    Aurora Leda
    Aurora Lena
    Aurora Mercy
    Aurora Nell/Noelle
    Aurora Olive
    Aurora Philine
    Aurora Poppy
    Aurora Sabine
    Aurora Sylvie
    Aurora Tess
    Aurora Thisbe
    Aurora Una
    Aurora Vianne
    Aurora Willa
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