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  • LAY-oh-na

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  • LEE-oh-na

    42 93.33%
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    Quote Originally Posted by klmeier View Post
    It's Lee-oh-na. No one ever says it the other way, it's not an option....would never be pronounced that way. Sorry! I know quite a few Leona's.
    Maybe in an English speaking context no one ever says it the other way, but to say that it isn't an option is just wrong. There are cultures where that pronunciation is more commonly used.

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    It's my youngest daughters mn, to us it rhymes with Fiona. Its a name that I probably would now have chosen out of the blue, however it honors family. She was born on her greatgrandfathers birthday and his name was Leonard. My husband's mn is also Leonard ( after the same man) so we chose the girl version for her. Plus our other daughter has a variation of my mn, Elizabeth, so all and all it was chosen for the family significance. It is pretty though, often times overlooked but everyone who hears it seems to like it.
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    My daughter is named Leonie. We were going for Lee-oh-nee, but we hear Lay-oh-nee all the time!
    We are in the NYC area and can vouch for the fact that both pronunciations happen.
    But my name has 2 pronunciations too and it's not the biggest deal.

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    Instinct is Lee-oh-nuh for me because it has Leo at the beginning which is pn Lee-oh

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    I vote Lee-onah because is much prittier, but I pn it like leh-ona

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