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    A brother for Drake

    My husband and I are moving toward the idea of having another baby (I might be pregnant already but that would have been an unexpected whoops...I havent been feeling well the last few days, tired, craving sweets which is unusual for me, sensitive to smells all over the house, etc so Im unsure) We have been talking baby named for the last few weeks because I love names and its fun and also its a nice time killer when we are driving in the car or waiting at a restaurant. We have our girl name all picked out already since our son was a surprise baby and so we had a name for each sex chosen already and we are planning on keeping the girl name
    We are having a hard time agreeing on boy names as well as the fact that I think we both feel that we topped out with our son's name and find it hard to find something we would love as much.

    So our two year old son is named Drake Jonathan. Jonathan is a family name of my husband' uncle that passed away right befor Drake's birth. As it is my husband is Paul Jonathan named after the same uncle. Im Jasmine by the way

    So my husband doesnt like er ending names as our last name ends with er. He also doesnt like H names as our last name starts with H and he doesnt care for the alliteration.

    I myself would love to find a literary connection if possible for the names as I love to read. Drake is kind of literary to me as a Drake is another name for dragon and dragons come from myths and I know its a loose connection but it works. I also like dragons if you might have guessed from my username so this is also another reason why I adore Drake as a name.

    Most likely the middle name of another son would be Asher or William as they are both family names of my husbands.

    So the name my husband loves is Rex. I go back and forth on this name as I feel like it sounds like a dog and I worry my son might get teased for it. I do agree with my husband in that it does seem like a nice match for Drake.

    My pick was Cody or Brooks both of which my husband feels are feminine. Brooks not so much the actual name but the ease of which it could be mistaken for Brooke.

    Griffin is a name we both adore and agree would be a perfect match for Drake...but sadly we gave that name away 8 years ago to our cat and even if we were to change it everyone we know would know we named the baby after a cat. Ive kicked myself around a lot for this but eight years ago I didnt think about having a second son when I named this cat. Our other cats are Dexter and Hunter but both end in er and my husband has always said no to er names so that was easy

    Some other names we have toyed with and are in our maybe pile are Pierce, Jude, and Lance, and Troy. Lance and Troy both fit my love of literary names but sadly Im not in love with either enough despite that to really push for them. Lance, despite its origin and the fact that it is an actual name for a weapon, doesnt come off as masculine as Id like. Im not sure if its becuase the only Lances I can think of are lance Bass of Nsync and Lance Armstrong neither of which are the epitome of masculinity in my eyes. Troy is ok but I just dont love it and my husband doesnt care for it because he thinks of Troy McClure from the Simpson.

    So any suggestions for us? My husband tends to veto a lot so be warned

    And our girl name is Juliet Rosalie...not much more literary then that

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    Hmm, well Rex feels a little doggish until I remember Rex Harrison. And also not many dogs are named Rex anymore; now people give "people" names to animals (all the little kids in his class will have dogs named Molly and Lucy...), so that's all kind of a wash, haha. I think Rex does go well with Drake. Harrison's was a nickname for Reginald, but might also work as a nickname for Regis, Regan, Royce, even Kingston. But they don't quite have the literary cred. Perhaps Rhett would offer a similar sound with a lit background?

    This is probably too close and only a matter of splicing hairs, but would Griffith work where Griffin is out? The boy will outlive the cat...

    Also, what about...

    Orion - in line with the constellation; could use nn Bear; Orion Asher is nice
    Orson - ditto above
    Bram - as in Stoker
    Finn or Fionn - like Finn/Fionn mac Cummhaill
    Barrett - another opportunity for nn Bear (I'm loving on Bear today, haha)
    Corin - Shakespeare
    Marston nn Mars
    Silas (Marner)

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    On Youtube there is a woman who has a Deacon and Drake, which I think is a great name set for brothers.

    Other suggestions:


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    Sibling for Drake - what did you choose?? i know your post was old but I was wondering what you ended up having and what did you name him/her?? i have a son named drake and we are trying for number two now. i like Brooks and Cody just like you said. We have the exact same taste!! DH also said those were girlie so I changed Cody to Dakota and he likes that one.

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