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    I don't like the Isabel spelling, but I think Isabelle and Isobel are pretty. Isabella is too over the top and the other versions are confusing to me.
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    The name's a bit prissy, but Isabeau and Isobel are my preferences. Otherwise, I say embrace the 'prissy' and go with Isabellina Priscilla.

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    I like Isobel and Isabeau. My friend's sister is called Izabella, and I have to admit it really appeals to me with the z.

    There's also Isbel, which I'm not sure the origin of, but it's mentioned briefly in Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well.
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    Isibeal is Hebrew? I would have thought the Hebrew relation would be Elisheva, which is the name from which both Elizabeth and Isabel are derived? It doesn't seem authentic to me. Could be wrong though, or it could be a back-formation of people trying to import Isabel/Isabella to Israel since it's popular in Europe and North America?

    Considering what Queen Isabella I of Castile did to the Jews though, I'd be surprised if it were all that popular as a Hebrew name if taken as separate from Elisheva. I mentioned being okay with Isabel to my mom and her head practically spun all the way around.

    Anyhow, my favourite spellings are Isabel, Ysabel, Isabelita is interesting in a way, and I'm quite fond of Bella as a separate name altogether, more tied to "beautiful" or Baila than anything to do with Isabella/Elizabeth's meaning/background. Bella is a family name for me - Isabella is definitely not.

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