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    I hope this helps:

    Claire or Clara

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    Quote Originally Posted by zora View Post
    You should be 100% honest and admit you want to hear hard core classic names.

    I would name my daughter diffrently than any of you children's name, but if you ask me for a suggestion because you can't think litterly any names besides your children's, I think you would like these names:

    Rose, Emma, Margaret, Anne, Elizabeth, Eliza, Claire, Ellen, Amelia, Susan, Frances, Nancy, Sarah, Emily, Helen, Violet, Cecilia, Phoebe, Catherine, Beth, Grace, Cora, Pearl, Iris... these names are popular right now, some of them I like, some of them are ok.
    Whoa. I don't think she literally can't think of no names--I think she was just curious what names we would pair with Alice, Molly, Jane, and Lucy. And I definitely don't think she was trying to be deceptive or misleading. It was meant as a fun post.

    @tristan, most of my ideas have already been mentioned (Cora, Clara, Pearl, Sarah, Violet, Hazel, Ivy, etc.). I'm not sure if Norah has been mentioned or not, but I think that'd be perfect, too! Alice, Molly, Jane, Lucy, and Norah.
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