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    Challenge CAF - Getting Personal!

    Use the clues below to name each member of this 3-gen family. The | denotes a separation between FN, MN, and LN. Enjoy!

    Gpa72: A Friend’s Dad | A Leader in Your Country | LN: A City Near You
    Gma70: A Teacher You’ve Had | An Actress over 50 | Maiden: A Restaurant You Like

    DS47: An Athlete You Know Of | Someone Talented You’ve Met
    DD45: A Notable Business Woman | A Character in a Children’s Book
    DD43: One Of Your Friends | Someone You Do Not Admire
    DD40: A Sibling of Yours or Your Parent’s | A Name You Have Wished You Had at Some Point
    DS40: Someone You’ve Dated | Someone You Wished You Had Dated

    DH47: The Athlete/Talented Person Combo Above + City LN
    DW44: A Flower or Food You Enjoy | A Beautiful Princess from Literature | Maiden: Your Favorite Author
    DD21: The Editor or a Contributor to a Book Near You | Someone You Met Once
    DS18: Someone Who Emailed You Recently | Someone You Want to Get to Know Better
    DS16: Someone with Dark Hair | Someone with Light Hair

    DW45: The Notable Business Woman / Children’s Book Character Combo Above + City Maiden Name
    DH48: A Coach or Instructor You’ve Had | A Street You’ve Driven On | LN: A Brand Name You Buy
    DS20: A Local Business or Company Name | A Name You Can Find in the Room You’re In

    DW43: The Friend/Do-not-admire Combo Above + City Maiden Name
    DH43: A Friend You Miss | A Figure on TV | LN: A Place You Like to Go to Get Away
    DD17: A Character Who Drives You Crazy | A Name You Haven’t Heard in a While
    DD14: A Clothing Brand or Store | Someone You Used to Be Close With
    DD14: Inspired by Flowers or Colors | Someone You Follow on Social Media
    DS11: A Car Make or Model | A Doctor or Dentist You’ve Seen
    DS9: A Name No One You’ve Ever Met Has Had | A Name You Know TOO Many People With

    DGF40: The Sibling/Wishful Name Combo Above + City LN
    DGF34: Someone Creative You Know | Someone Creative Who’s Famous | LN: An Occupation
    ADD3: A Little Girl You Know | An Older Lady You Know

    DH40: The Dated/Not-Dated Combo Above + City LN
    DW36: A Friend of Your Family | Someone You’ve Lived With or Near | Maiden: A Dog’s Breed
    DS7: A Child You’ve Babysat or Watched | A Child Who Bullied You as a Kid
    DS5: A Young Person in a Movie | A Musical Performer You Like
    DD2: A Female in History | A Female Pet You’ve Known
    DSnb: The Last Baby You Met | Someone You’ve Worked with/for
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    Gpa72: Tony Jeremy Leeds
    Gma70: Roanne Meryl Leeds (nee McDonald)

    DS47: Greg Barry Leeds
    DD45: Karren Bessie Leeds
    DD43: Kate Margaret Leeds
    DD40: Jessica Anais Leeds
    DS40: Bradley Andrew Leeds

    DH47: Greg Barry Leeds
    DW44: Cherry Cordelia Leeds (nee Zusak)
    DD21: Emma Lily Leeds
    DS18: Keith Harry Leeds
    DS16: Seth Finn Leeds

    DW45: Karren Bessie Klein (nee Leeds)
    DH48: Jacob Main Klein
    DS20: Alex Angus Klein

    DW43: Kate Margaret Norfolk (nee Leeds)
    DH43: Bill Tyler Norfolk
    DD17: Elly Abigail Norfolk
    DD14: Joy Holly Norfolk
    DD14: Lilac Shelby Norfolk
    DS11: Ford Lenton Norfolk
    DS9: River Jack Norfolk

    DGF40: Jessica Anais Leeds
    DGF34: Nicole Frida Doctor
    ADD3: Alba Jean Doctor-Leeds

    DH40: Bradley Andrew Leeds
    DW36: Tracey Charlotte Leeds (nee Beagle)
    DS7: Toby Myles Leeds
    DS5: Jimmy Noel Leeds
    DD2: Emily Trudy Leeds
    DSnb: Casper James Leeds
    Bryony Frances * Carys Lily * Léa Sian * Selina Laurel
    Ophelia Mary * Melody Julia * Rosie Saoirse * Demelza Maeve * Colette Livia * Estelle Gemma * Caroline Fleur * Rhiannon Viola * Persephone Elle

    River Andrew * Declan James * Alastair John * Owen Francis
    Seamus Matthew * Robin Keir * Rhys Christopher * Heath Michael * Rowan Jay * Finn Donovan

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    David Edward Glasgow (Dawes, 72) m. Helen Judi Wolfe (Helen, 70):

    DS: Edward Alexander Glasgow (Eddie, 47)
    m. Calla Cleopatra Rowling (Calla, 44)
    --- Rebecca Amanda Glasgow (Beck, 21)
    --- Sarah-Jayne Alexandra Glasgow (Sarah-Jayne, 18)
    --- Kyran Auryn Glasgow (Kyran, 16)

    DD: Ellen Molly Glasgow (Nell, 45) m. Simon Parker Hilfiger (Simm, 48)
    --- James Dahl Hilfiger (Jamie, 20)

    DD: Rowan Olivia Glasgow (Roe, 43) m. Daniel Julian Lakeside (Danny, 43)
    --- Harriet Justine Lakeside (Harie, 17)
    --- Lauren Susannah Lakeside (Laurie, 14)
    --- Scarlet Lucy Lakeside (Scarlie, 14)
    --- Bentley Clive Lakeside (Bentley, 11)
    --- Asher Andrew Lakeside (Ash, 9)

    DD: Lana Jolene Glasgow (Laney,40) & Nova Monet Miller (Nova, 34)
    --- Victoria May Miller (Victoria, 3)

    DS: Theodore Leonardo Glasgow (Theo, 40) m. Mary Julia Shepherd (Mary, 36)
    --- Oliver Roland Glasgow (Oliver, 7)
    --- Max Francis Glasgow (Max, 5)
    --- Annie Tabitha Glasgow (Annie, 2)
    --- Albert Sean Glasgow (Berty, nb)
    Alexander, Henry, John, Lochlan, Robert, Thackeray,William
    Anne, Evangeline, Freya, Juno, Lilly, Marina, Viola

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    Northern Ireland
    Gpa72: Paul Phillip Benton
    Gma70: Heather Jane Benton nee McDonald

    DS47: Michael Shane Benton
    --DW44: Lily Ella Benton nee Blyton
    ----DD21: Pamela Emili
    ----DS18: Andrew Jordan
    ----DS16: Darren Oisin

    DD45: Marissa Katy Hollister nee Benton
    --DH48: Conor David Hollister
    ----DS20: Levi Reese

    DD43: Erin Elizabeth Benton
    --DH43: Joshua Simon Orlando
    ----DD17: Amanda Roxanne
    ----DD14: Zara Rochelle
    ----DD14: Violet Karisma
    ----DS11: Bentley Gavin
    ----DS9: Parker Sean

    DD40: Nicola Alexa Benton
    --DGF34: Deirdre Marie Potter
    ----ADD3: Shannon Bernadette

    DS40: Ciaran Jack Benton
    --DW36: Rachel Sophie Hound
    ----DS7: Sean-Paul Jonathan
    ----DS5: Rory Adam
    ----DD2: Victoria Molly
    ----DSnb: Leo Declan
    I am a 19 year old girl called Niamh Clare

    I am Irish and proud to be

    I love names...and thinking about future babies

    Nephew born May 18th 2017 - Kaiden Lochlan

    My Name List -

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    Gpa(72): Kevin Jeremy York
    Gma(70): Sally Helen York (nee.Richards)
    =DS(47): Daniel Peter York
    =DD(45): Martha Grace York
    =DD(43): Hannah Jennifer York
    =DD/DS(40): Jane Elinor & Nile Scott York

    *Kevin & Sally: Danny, Martha, Hannah, Jane & Nile York*

    =DH(47): Daniel Peter York
    >DW(44): Rose Miri York (nee.Armstrong)
    -DD(21): Marian Erin York
    -DS(18): Robert Harry York
    -DS(16): James Cameron York

    **Dan & Rose: Marian, Robbie & Jamie York**

    =DW(45): Martha Grace Walker (nee.York)
    >DH(48): Jonathan Bradford Walker
    -DS(20): Brooks Isaac Walker

    **Martha & Johnny: Brooks Walker**

    =DW(43): Hannah Jennifer Wood (nee.York)
    >DH(43): Aaron Paul Wood
    -DD(17): Lydia Alice Wood
    -DD/DD(14): Zara Joanna & Rosalie Natalie Wood
    -DS(11): Logan David Wood
    -DS(9): Seth Matthew Wood

    **Hannah & Aaron: Lydia, Zara, Rosalie, Logan & Seth Wood**

    =DGF(40): Jane Elinor Baker (nee.York)
    >DGF(34): Bethany Charlotte Baker
    -ADD(3): Zoe Edith Baker

    **Jane & Bethany: Zoe Baker**

    =DH(40): Nile Scott York
    >DW(36): Jenny Mary York (nee.West)
    -DS(7): Lucas Karl York
    -DS(5): William Van York
    -DD(2): Emmeline Pixie York
    -DS(nb): Lily Daniella York

    **Nile & Jenny: Luke, Will, Emme & Lily York**

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