View Poll Results: Which Vintage Girls' Name is Best?

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  • Mabel nn Mae

    26 25.49%
  • Josephine nn Josie

    27 26.47%
  • Adelaide nn Addie

    27 26.47%
  • Beatrice nn Bea

    22 21.57%
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    Awww.... I almost drool over Beatrice!!

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    Mabel is nice, but it is one of the old vintage names that I don't like as much. It is still nice though and a good change from a lot of other names now. It may start to get more attention because Bruce Willis used it recently. My favorite from your list is Beatrice. I also love Beatrix and Adelaide is really cute.

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    My favorite is Adelaide, but I'm not a fan of Addie. I just know too many little girls with that nn. I do like the nn Della though.

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    I have been loving Adelaide A LOT lately. I also love Josephine. I prefer Beatrix to Beatrice, but it's still lovely. Mabel is so cute, I do like it, but for me, it seems to have a slightly different feel than the rest.

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    I love Mabel and Adelaide! I really want to love Beatrice but there's just something about it that throws me off, IDK what. Still a lovely name though. The only one I don't like is Josephine.
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