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    BNG: Name the Families

    Name the families. Click on the family's name to view their picture...

    The Combs Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Combs are college graduates. They remained focused on their schooling, despite having their daughter before graduating. Mr. Combs works as an IT Analyst and Mrs. Combs is a nurse in Pediatrics.
    Mr. Combs – 30:
    Mrs. Combs – 29:
    Combs Girl – 6:
    Combs Boy – 4:
    Combs Girl – 4mos:

    The O’Brien Family
    Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien own a small farm. Mr. O’Brien inherited it when his father passed. He was raised on the farm performing the necessary duties and he wants to pass those values and responsibilities on to his children. Mrs. O’Brien works as a part-time nurse at the local small hospital.
    Mr. O’Brien – 39:
    Mrs. O’Brien – 37:
    O’Brien Girl – 8:
    O’Brien Boy – 7:

    The Whitfield Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield are high school sweethearts. Mrs. Whitfield was a foreign exchange student from Thailand. When she went back home, the two kept in touch. Once she graduated, she moved to America and became pregnant with their daughter. They were married two years later. Mr. Whitfield is the breadwinner as a lawyer.
    Mr. Whitfield – 27:
    Mrs. Whitfield – 25:
    Whitfield Girl – 7:
    Whitfield Boy – 3:

    The Richardson Family
    Miss Richardson has traveled the world doing charity work. While Ghana, she fell in love with a little girl in the orphanage named Adjoa. Miss Richardson waited a full year before she could adopt Adjoa and take her home. Miss Richardson kept Adjoa’s first name, but gave her a more Americanized middle name.
    Miss Richardson – 30:
    Richardson Girl – 6:

    The Williams Family
    Ms. Williams is a divorced wife with a disabled child. When her daughter was born with Down Syndrome, it put a strain on her relationship with her husband. By the time their daughter was 4 years old, they had divorced. Ms. Williams now raises her daughter on her own, with no help from her ex-husband. Ms. Williams runs a daycare for special needs children so she can spend all her time with her daughter.
    Ms. Williams – 38:
    Williams Girl – 10:

    The Sherwin-Moore Family
    Miss Sherwin is going to be a young, single mother. She’s a very strong woman for the heartache she’s gone through. She was bounced between foster homes her entire life until she met the love of her life, Leland Moore, when she was 17 and ran away with him. Sadly, a car accident claimed Leland’s life 3 months ago. Miss Sherwin’s little one will never know his father, but she’s decided to make her son’s middle name, his father’s first name.
    Miss Sherwin – 20:
    Moore Boy – not born:

    The Johnson Family
    Mr. Johnson is the son of a famous basketball player, and has inherited a deal of money. He works a leisurely job, doing what he loves in the Marketing field. Mrs. Johnson is a stay at home mother for their two beautiful children.
    Mr. Johnson – 42:
    Mrs. Johnson – 37:
    Johnson Boy – 11:
    Johnson Girl – 10:

    The Daniels-Stephenson Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniels are retired and raised two children of their own. Their oldest daughter, Alyssa, married a handsome man named Henry Stephenson right out of college. They had two children – a girl and a boy. However, 2 years ago, the two of them were on a small plane exploring a remote jungle. The plane crashed, and their bodies were found 6 days later. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels took in their grandchildren and with some help from their daughter, they raise the kids.
    Mr. Daniels – 56:
    Mrs. Daniels – 55:
    Stephenson Girl – 10:
    Stephenson Boy – 8:

    The Ellis Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Ellis are a very young family. Both are still in college while still raising their son. Mrs. Ellis’ mother kicked her out when she found out she was pregnant. Mr. Ellis’ parents encourage them to marry and purchase a home. They did just that, and are happy to have Mr. Ellis’ parents’ help in caring for their young boy.
    Mr. Ellis – 20:
    Mrs. Ellis – 18:
    Ellis Boy – 1:

    The Christensen Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Christensen are fairly spoiled. They each come from wealthy families, and neither of them have an actual job. Mr. Christensen restores old cars as a hobby, and Mrs. Christensen is a photographer. They have two beautiful children.
    Mr. Christensen – 27:
    Mrs. Christensen – 26:
    Christensen Girl – 6:
    Christensen Boy – 4:

    The Ramirez Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez struggle to provide the best for their children. Mr. Ramirez used to run a successful, although small, restaurant. But then he contracted a serious condition that no longer allows him to do this. Mrs. Ramirez cleans houses when she can, but the demand is not very large anymore. Their oldest son helps out financially by helping his cousin with some landscaping jobs. Their daughter helps take care of her father.
    Mr. Ramirez – 46:
    Mrs. Ramirez – 41:
    Ramirez Boy – 16:
    Ramirez Girl – 14:

    The Hawthorne Family
    Mr. Hawthorne is a large-scale businessman. His wife has always stayed home with their four children, and they frequently travel to exotic places. In fact, they’re rarely living in their house for longer than 3 months before taking off on their next adventure. Their children have grown up exploring the world, and each child speaks three languages fluently.
    Mr. Hawthorne – 40:
    Mrs. Hawthorne – 42:
    Hawthorne Girl – 14:
    Hawthorne Girl – 13:
    Hawthorne Boy – 11:
    Hawthorne Girl – 8:

    The Alvarez Family
    Mrs. Alvarez is a widowed wife. Her husband, Carlos, died of cancer 8 years ago. She and her two sons had moved in with her mother for the first 5 years after her husband’s death, but now she’s purchased her own home.
    Mrs. Alvarez – 35:
    Alvarez Boy – 11:
    Alvarez Boy – 10:

    The Carter Family
    Mr. Carter is a single father to a little girl. His wife began using drugs a few years ago and ran off with her new druggy boyfriend. His daughter has become his best friend. Mr. Carter is a working class man who only worries about the necessities in life.
    Mr. Carter – 31:
    Carter Girl – 6:

    The Addison Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Addison have been married for 6 years and have desperately wanted to have children. Triplets is not quite what they bargained for, but that’s what they got when they went the route of in vitro fertilization.
    Mr. Addison – 33:
    Mrs. Addison – 31:
    Addison Girl – 1:
    Addison Girl – 1:
    Addison Boy – 1:
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