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    What about Izabel? Similar but a bit more funky and still a valid spelling. Izabel Rose is gorgeous.


    I like Elizabeth and most of it's derivations.

    Sadie is nice, but I don't like any of the other firsts that you put with Elizabeth.
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    I think Zoe and Isabel Rose or Harper Elizabeth work best. Really awesome pairs!

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    Maybe Elizabeth nn Izzy? I think that would be really cute. Elizabeth Harper? Zadie could be cute or Suzanna nn Zuzu if you are drawn to Izzy for the Zs?

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    I vote for Isabel or Elizabeth for the nickname Izzy. Both are very pretty!
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    I was going to say also that you could use nn Izzy with Elizabeth as well as Lizzy, Eliza, Liza etc!any nn with 'z's sounds cute with Zoe I do love the name Isabelthough too and it is distinct from Isabella. Isabel Rose or Elizabeth Rose are equally pretty in my opinion however, Rose is also an extremely popular middle choice if you are trying to avoid popularity!

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