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    I love the Morgan and Sydney options. (coming from the mom of a little Charlie girl). I think they both go great with Elizabeth for a middle name.

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    All of your combos are lovely! I don't know any little Isabella/Isabelle who goes by Izzy, so I think that nickname (and the Isabel spelling) will set your girl apart. Isabel Rose sounds very lovely, and would offer the nickname/pet name Izzy Rose, which is quite cute. Not sure I love the sound of Zoe and Izzy together, though. I think Harper, Morgan or Emerson would go very well with Zoe. With the exception of Sadie and Isabel, all of your first name picks are unisex choices, so if your husband is worried about that, you may want to stick with Isabel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelryan6 View Post
    Raven1980- Love Eliza Harper, but one of my friends daughters is named Eliza (close enough friends where it would be weird). I was trying to think of another name that Izzy could be short for too...
    Well what about Lizabeth Harper? or is that too close to Eliza?

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    Zoe and Isabel (nn Izzy) would be fine together. Isabel isn't as popular as Isabella and most girls who have these names go by Belle or Bella anyway so I wouldn't worry about popularity. Unless you know multiple Isabels in your neck of the woods, I would encourage you to choose it. I think it's the best "fit" with Zoe. Sadie and Zoe both end in the same sound so that name isnt' ideal. Personally, I would avoid unisex names like Emerson, Harper, Sydney and Morgan as they're very different in style compared to Zoe.
    All the best,

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    Some other names for which you could use Izzy:
    Elizabeth -- Maybe this is too old-fashioned sounding for you to want as a first name, but since you mentioned it, I think Izzy would be a really fresh and cute nn for this!

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