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    Advice on a girls name?

    Hi! I am new to the nameberry boards, but I really don't want to share my names with family/friends bc if we end up naming our daughter a name that someone tells me they hate...I will never forget that!

    Anyway, my 2 year old daughter is named Zoe Ryan and my husband and I loved that name from the second we knew we were having a girl. #2 is proving to be more difficult.

    My husband loves the sound of the name Izzy (short for Isabel) - I think it is so cute with Zoe (Zoe and Izzy). I am just concerned that it is way too popular, with Isabella being #1 or #2 on almost every name list- thank you Twilight.

    What do you guys think?

    The other names we (I) like are - (Elizabeth is my husbands grandma's name and he wants to use that as a middle except for Isabel since Isabel is a derivative of Elizabeth - we may use Rose?)

    Harper Elizabeth
    Sadie Elizabeth - although multiple people have told me Sadie sounds too much like a dogs name
    Morgan Elizabeth
    Sydney Elizabeth
    Emerson Rose (thought Emerson Elizabeth was too much) - this happens to be my favorite but husband thinks its too masculine

    Any input (or suggestions) would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    Isabel is lovely! I have always had a fondness for that name despite it's popularity (not yet into the top 100, I think). Maybe use a variant of Elizabeth? Elisabeth, etc? I vote Isabel!

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    I think Isabel works the best with the Zs!! The second one I like is Harper. I agree with your husband about Emerson. The "son" ending on a girl is not my favorite.

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    Zoe Ryan is so cute! My favorite is Emerson Rose, I think it's really pretty. Isabella/Isabelle is very beautiful but I'd never use it or any other Bella/Belle name because they're so common and trendy. What about Eliza Harper nn Izzy?

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    Raven1980- Love Eliza Harper, but one of my friends daughters is named Eliza (close enough friends where it would be weird). I was trying to think of another name that Izzy could be short for too...

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