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    Esmee, Siri and sister...

    1 Veda
    2 Geneva
    3 Clementine/Imogen

    The names above are my choices for a sister with Esmee and Siri. They are the most "unusual" (especially the first two stated). Ottaline would have been a contender for third spot if it was spelled correctly (Ottoline). Personally, I would eliminate 4 names: Elsa and Isla for their similarity with Esmee as well as Honor and Leighton which have completely different vibes from your daughters names.
    All the best,

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    I think Veda fits best.

    Or, Esmee, Siri, and

    Good luck. I think your daughters have beautiful names by the way.

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    Imogen, Veda, Geneva, and Ottaline are my favorites (in that order) with Esmee and Siri. All are feminine, unusual, and strong. I'd strike off Isla since it's close to Esmee, has the last name thing, and would probably get pronunciation issues (I only know of it pronounced EYE-la). I also think Leighton and Haven are really different stylistically from Esmee and Siri, so I'd probably bump them for others on your list, too. Best wishes!

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    I really like Veda best with the other names. Honor works well too. Short, unique & spunky. Also I think these two have less pronunciation issues than some.

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    Thank you for all your input - Here are my hesitations on each of the names posted:
    Ottaline – Primarily pronunciation issues will it sound like out- of-line and is ot-tah-lynn just another madeline. I know spelling was an issue for a few of you, but i really dislike the ottoline spelling as it reminds me of a dog's name otto
    Leighton – (lay-ton) - i just don't think it sounds like a sister to Esmee or Siri
    Geneva – the name is sweet the meaning is horrid - considering my other two daughters have nice and sweet meanings (loved & beautiful)
    Veda – (vay-dah) - This name is great, but I feel it is offly spanish sounding from her very european sisters. Meaning is nice though.
    Clementine - "Oh my darling" - must I say more
    Isla (E-slah) - Pronunciation primarily
    Honor - I like it, but just can't get Jessica Alba off my mind
    Elsa - nn Elle - Husband just really HATES it
    Imogen - im-oh-jen - like the i in imagine not the sound of I'm - Major pronuncuation issuses and last name also starts with an I.

    Am I going crazy and should create a new list or take one of these that i have hesitations on?

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