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    Help with our third indecisive

    Hi Berries
    I am due within the next two months and still feel like I have made no progress on the name front. I feel like I love a name and then either my husband dislikes or I just simply quit feeling attached to it. I need your help. These are my choices with my first choice being my recent love; husband does not feel it though. I really could use your suggestions. My daughters are Esmee (ez-may) and Siri.

    Ottaline – nn Ottalie or Tallie (however I am struggling whether I like the pronunciation of ot-ta-lyn or ot-ta-line)
    Leighton – (lay-ton)
    Geneva – nn Eva, Nev or GiGi
    Veda – (vay-dah)
    Isla (E-slah) - but not sure if this would work bc last name starts with I and name is pretty popular
    Elsa - nn Elle
    Imogen - im-oh-jen - like the i in imagine not the sound of I'm

    Thank you for your thoughts

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    I think Honor goes best with your other daughter's names, while my personal favorite is Geneva.

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    I just LOVE Clementine. My daughter (Violet) was Clementine up until a month or two before she was born. I couldn't overcome other people's opinions about it (very midwest). But you already have fun names, so you could really pull it off!!

    Second place goes to Honor.

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    I like Clementine, Honor, and Veda the best.

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    I vote for Veda, but Clementine also sounds nice.

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