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    Baby girl name - Bible-based

    Hi everyone,
    I am nearing my due date and still can't find the perfect name for my baby girl.
    My husband has fallen in love with one of my ideas, but I can't seem to get my head around it and feel good. He doesn't like some of my favorites.
    I never felt like I got to fall in love with my son's name before he was born, but I was really hoping to find that perfect name for this one.
    Anyway, can you help me find a name that goes with brother Gabriel.
    My husband loves Galilee, with the nicknamee Lilee (like Lily). He'd like to incorporate that as a middle even if we settle for a different first name.
    The name should be Bible based, and I've wanted to incorporate Lauren, Marjorie or Maggie somehow in the middle to honor family but that may not happen now.
    The names on my list he still likes are:
    Talia, Eden, Eliana, Hannah, Grace, Noelle, Naomi, Abigail and Mariah.
    We both really like Noelle, but this baby is coming in the fall. Is that OK?
    Are there good nicknames for Naomi? What about Abigail - anything other than Abby?

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