View Poll Results: Im due the 31st, and I have chosen these as the final 5. Which names sound best?

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  • Aria Cadence (middle name not exactly 100%)

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  • Charisma Ariel (ah-ree-el)

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  • Naima Ariel (ah-ree-el)

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  • Aspen Jolie

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  • Ashtin Jolie

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Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Please help us narrow our final 5...

    Due date is August 31st, crossing my fingers for any day now lol and we did narrow its down to 5 names. I would like her name to be different but needs to sound good together? Many ppl hate them some like them so we are just all over the place, I would like to have atleast 2 picked out when I go to the hospital. Please HELP!

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