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    I like Genevieve. Maybe Geneva, Geneviva, Genevise, Genesis, Gene or some variation?
    Pandora is ok. I love Theodora or Theodosia.
    The other two are nms.

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    Pandora is ultra-feminine yet unique and classy, my favorite! Perhaps Madelaine? The A at the end is too frilly, in my opinion... The others are nice yet not impressive, Pandora all the way! Good Luck I hope this helps!

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    I think Emmeliese is really pretty. It's a fresh take on Annaliese, which seems kind of popular right now. I like Genevieve too, but if you're worried about popularity, it's possible that she could run into a few other Genevieves in her life. I'm not a fan of any of the others. I use the music genome project too much to consider Pandora an option for a real, human girl. Madelaina reminds me of a gypsy fortune teller. Not in a good way.

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    Madelaina: Not a fan at all. Sounds made up, too frilly.
    Emmeliese: Not a fan - seems like Emmeline + Annaliese (gorgeous, stunning names on their own) smushed together.
    Pandora: Spunky and refreshing, but I can't shake the Pandora's box connotations.
    Genevieve: Far and away my favorite of your options. Sweet, vintage, fresh! Makes me think of daisies and hair ribbons and Jane Austen novels. Especially love nn Evie.
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    Madelaina - I love this name, it's so beautiful! Madaline is so popular, so I think it's great. I'm adding it to my favorites list.
    Emmeliese - One word: gorgeous! I also love this name, also adding it to my list.
    Genevieve - I think this name is quite pretty, but I think it is getting popular. Maybe.
    Pandora - I think I would like this name if not for the movie 'Avatar'. I feel like everyone would think of the movie when they hear the name.

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