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    Smile What do these names make you feel? WDYT?

    My top choices right now are Emmeliese nn Emi, Madelaina nn Laney or Mads -mad eh lay nah, maybe Pandora nn Panda, and maybe Genevieve nn Evie. Pandora and Genevieve are last minute interests. What color do you see? What do you feel? What picture or scene comes to mind when you think of these names? WDYT? and if anyone has any suggestions based on the these types of names it would be appreciated!

    Madelaina - love but I'm just not 100% sure yet and I don't like any other form of it

    Emmeliese - love as well, and I don't care that it's "made up" all names are

    Pandora - I really like it and I love the type of name it is

    Genevieve - I would really, really love this name if it wasn't rising in popularity

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    I don't like Madelaina or Emmeliese. I like Madeleine and Emmaline better. Genevieve is nice, but Pandora is my fave. More of a guilty pleasure for me, though!

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    I think I like the prn -mad eh lee nah better. Does Madeleina look okay? or weird?

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    Madelaina- It is okay, I prefer Magdalena more but it isn't too bad.
    Emmeliese- Same as Madelaina, I don't prefer it but it is okay.
    Pandora- Awesome, I really like this.
    Genevieve- My second favorite on your list behind Pandora. I wouldn't care too much about the popularity and it depends on where you live because I have never met anyone with this name but I live in an area where people aren't too creative with names.

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    Well Pandora is like my second favourite girls name just behind Arabella so it's very loved on my behalf, especially with the nickname Panda too.

    I don't like the others, sorry.
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