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    It's nice.

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    I adore Mira. Would love to see Mira Eleanor.

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    I like this way of honoring! I myself am considering/planning on using Caroline as a middle name to honor Carol and Karen.

    Liking both Eleanor Mira and Celeste Mira!
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    I don't really see the connection besides Mira sounds/looks like Myra and Marie also has a "mar" sound, how are you pronouncing it? "my ra" or "mee ra" like the Spanish word mira?
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    thetxbelle: I posted previously: It is pronounced like Meer-uh. An alternate spelling is Meara.

    Do you have any ideas? I am kind of just trying to play around with different names that might, in some way, honor both Marie and Myra and so I'm kind of trying out of the box ideas.
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