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    Nickname for my 21 month old Violet?

    I started calling my Violet "Lettie" this week to ward off all the family members calling her Vi more and more frequently. Do you guys like this?

    My 3 year old is Lily, so does it seem like a bit too much to have a Lily and a Lettie? I guess it's not too far off because of the whole flower theme I have going, but is this going too far? They are close in age and almost look like twins on top of that. What do you think? If you have a different nickname suggestion?
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    I think Lettie is adorable! It's refreshing to see less Vi's out there. Go for it!

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    A distant relative of mine has a dd named Violet Mae that they call Villy Mae (prn like Billy). But Villy and Lily is even closer than Lily and Lettie..

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    I think Lettie is cute!

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    I like it, I prefer Vi personally, but Lettie's fine. I think it's a bit much, but given that Lettie's a nickname not a first name, it'd be fine. However, since you have a flower name theme, they're close in age and look like twins, I think it's far too much.

    I'd rather something that didn't start with an L.
    Etta even.
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