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    Your name is Eleanor Jane Dawson. You are 21 and you just graduated from college. You majored in music therapy . A month after graduating your college boyfriend Christopher James Winters proposes to you on the beach! You gladly accept and buy a house together in San Francisco. You get your dream job as a music therapist and your fiancee got a job as a teacher. You get married on the beach where you met and honeymoon in Tahiti.

    When you come back from you honeymoon you are not feeling well. You decide it was nothing, but a week later the doctor tells you you're pregnant with twins! 9 months later you give birth to two healthy babies...Toby Brendan and Theo Benjamin.

    It's 4 years later and you decide to expand your family! after a stressful 3 years of trying you are pregnant! You have...a girl named Yulia Rosalie (Lia).

    3 years quickly pass and the kids are begging for a pet. You decide to get....a fish named Nemo!

    After a family vacation in Asia, you adopt a baby girl from China. Her name is Willow Mie.

    Twenty years later....

    Toby is 30. He is living in New Jersey and working as a computer programmer. He has been married to Hanna, a dance teacher, for 7 years. They have two daughters - Emma Phoebe (6) and Maia Rose (4).

    Theo is 30. He lives in San Diego with his girlfriend of 10 years, Olivia Ramone. They have 2 year old twin boys - Ryan Michael and Noah Christopher. Theo runs his own catering business and Olivia is a stay at home mom, although she used to be a primary school teacher.

    Lia is 23. She majored in classical guitar at Berklee School of Music when she was 20 and then spent a year volunteering in Ghana, counselling victims of domestic abuse. She then moved back to San Francisco, where she met Coby Cameron, a med student. They are currently expecting their first child who they want to name Jameson Reid or Riley Sophia.

    Willow is 22. She fell pregnant at 15 and gave birth to Amelia Danielle, who is now 7. When she was 17, she met Beck Allard. Two years later, Willow fell pregnant and they welcomed twin girls, Lily Alice and Lola Caroline, into the world. When Willow was 20, she took a year long hairdressing course and recently opened up her own hair salon.
    Just a teenage girl who's been obsessed with names since the age of 5...

    Current favourite girl names: Willow, Lily, India, Ava & Jamie

    Current favourite boy names: Caden, Lucas, James, Cole & Nathan

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