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    Isobel- Such a cute name, I really like this spelling as a well
    Sophie- I am so in love with Sophie at the moment myself
    Miranda - I don't think its too dated and Mia is cute too!
    Eloise- I am not an Eloise fan but I like that it honors your family
    Matilda-I just cannot get on board with this one, sorry!
    Zoe- I think it is a very fun name
    Lily- I think Lily definitely deserves the popularity, if only there were more Lilys in the world
    Ruby- So spunky and cute!
    Charlotte: you said it yourself "so classic and beautiful"
    Yasmine: I like Jasmine better but both are beautiful!

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    Isobel- Love it! It's one of the most beautiful names I know, if not the one.
    Sophie- Prefer Sophia honestly.
    Miranda- pretty but nothing special.
    Eloise- I like it very much and I love the fact that it honours your family.
    Matilda- see Miranda.
    Zoe- Not my cup of tea, but it's pretty.
    Lily- I do have a soft spot for Lily. It's very very sweet.
    Ruby- Very sweet too. Like Lily more though.
    Charlotte- never been a fan, sorry.

    From your list, I like Isobel, Eloise and Lily the most.

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    Isobel- I like this spelling a lot more than Isabelle, also Izobel is nice too.
    Sophie- very pretty, I've know several, also nn Phi
    Miranda- It's a pretty name, but it's just not really my style
    Eloise- great way to honor those names, it's a nice name, not a favorite but pretty, especially as a mn
    Matilda- I love Tilly!
    Zoe- gorgeous, I love it
    Lily- it's pretty, I know several who are annoying so it colors my view
    Ruby- beautiful, I only know 1 person with this name and she's sweet, and it's a beautiful name and a beautiful gem
    Charlotte: It's a pretty name, but I just don't like any of the nn's
    Yasmine: unique, I knew a Yasmine as a kid, now I think of the birth control though :/
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    Isobel: I hate this spelling, don't know why I can't get over it! Isabel/Isabelle is really played out right now, as with Belle/Bella. I do like the Gaelic version Sibeal, and the nn Bell though.
    Sophie: pretty, underused - not a fan of the nn Soph, but that one's inevitable, I think!
    Miranda: LOVE Miranda nn Mia! Fresh, classic, and cute all in one.
    Eloise: favorite, favorite, favorite. So gorgeous and quirky, yet classic.
    Matilda: really like - fresh and vintagey, super cute.
    Zoe: not a fan
    Lily: way too popular, huge turn off.
    Ruby: not a fan
    Charlotte: one of my own favorites, though I worry about its increasing popularity
    Yasmine: different, at least! not one of my faves though
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