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    Quote Originally Posted by ebenezer.scrouge View Post
    We don't have the birth control pill here in Australia so it is not an issue and I believe the bratz doll will not be around by the time I am ready to have children and her name is Yasmin
    Yes we do (um, should we be worried about the recall? ha). But I wouldn't have made the connection straight away.

    Isobel- This is my favourite spelling. nice
    Sophie- Also nice, I prefer Sofia.
    Miranda- not a huge fan.
    Eloise- Love this, and my fave from your list. The one I know is Ellie but in a sea of Ellie, Ellas and Bella i'm loving Lulu or just plain Lou.
    Matilda-I've never liked Matilda, but others do - its nice enough.
    Zoe- My best friends name, love it.
    Lily- I absolutely adore Lily, but I think its lost its charm due to popularity. Lillian and Lilith are less popular alternatives.
    Ruby- I dont like Ruby. like Lily, I think because its been so overused, its lost its charm and meaning
    Charlotte: Can't go wrong
    Yasmine: Are you saying Yaz-meen? If so, I like.

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    Western Australia
    Yasmine will be pronounced yas-min
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    Isobel- Pretty, I do prefer this to the Isabel or Isabelle spellings.
    Sophie- It is pretty, but I am not a big fan of this even though the meaning of wisdom is lovely.
    Miranda- Pretty name that makes me think of Shakespeare. I do immediately think of Miranda Kerr with this name, which isn't the worst association and kind of funny because she is also Australian.
    Eloise- Love this, and I also love Louise and Elspeth. I love how you want to honor both sister and mother
    Matilda- I have loved this name since I was in elementary school. It is a beautiful, classic name that will never go out of style and very spunky.
    Zoe- This is okay, but not my style. It is cute though
    Lily- I like Lily because it makes me think of Lily Potter and she was cool
    Charlotte-Love this because of the literary connections
    Yasmine- I like this and don't see much of a connection with the birth control. It is really cute.

    Great list

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    Isobel-I like this, despite the fact it is popular- by the time you have kids it may be considered dated (unless you plan on being like that 13yo new mum on TV the other night! LOL hope not).
    Sophie- LOVE
    Miranda- OK, Like nn Mia
    Eloise- LOVE
    Matilda- Lovely, very Aussie
    Zoe- Nice, spunky
    Yasmine- like, I also think of Bratz but that's OK cause Bratz are cool. I like Phoebe and that's the first thing my DD said- it's a Bratz name and I would have to nn her Sugar
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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    I love Eloise, Matilda, Ruby and Yasmin (prefer it with no 'e').

    I've kind of fallen for the combo Matilda Eloise, which I think is so beautiful. I love how Eloise honors your mom and sister.

    Isobel, Sophie, Zoe, Lily and Charlotte (and maybe Ruby) are all too popular for me.
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