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    I know 2 ladies named Letitia. Both get the nn Teesh.
    Leh-tee-sha is how they both say it.
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    I don't like the teesha pronunciation but I love the other way. I actually really like this name after I saw it on marriage announcements from the 19th century. It is pretty, historic and uncommon but still known. A lot of people feel it is ghetto, which makes me sad because it is a beautiful name. I also love lettie.
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    Around here, it's Le-TEE-see-ah. Lots of Hispanic folks.

    I adore the nn Letty, but honestly can't get behind Letitia, pronounced leh-tee-sha. One of those rare instances where the name *looks* sweet 19th century, but *sounds* late twentieth ghetto.

    I honestly think Lettice would be an easier sell, salad comments notwithstanding. And I am a major Lettie fan; it's #2 on my mn list for the baby we're expecting this winter. I've tried road-testing Letitia and it just innit happening, at least not in my neck of the woods.

    Names ending in -let, like Violet or Juliet, are much less inclined to raise the "You mean like ShaNeeQua-Lateesha, or you mean like the Victorian Letitia?" eyebrow.

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    I pronounced it exactly like what sachiko said.
    I like Letitia (and Laetitia, Leticia, any variation) and I think Letitia will be great with Vivienne, Lucille, and Catherine.
    love the meaning!

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    In Europe it's my favorite pronunciation which is leh-tih-Tsee-ah I wish it could be pronounced that way in the US, do any of you know how this name is pronounced in England?

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