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    Question Which Nickname for Alexandria

    Firstly, would you spell Alexandria with the 'ia' at the end or Alexandrea with the 'ea' at the end?
    Alexandria or Alexandrea?

    Secondly, it is a mouthful of syllables, so if I were to ever use this name, what would you choose for nicknames? So far I like:
    Lexia, although I realize this doesn't "fit" in with the name as well but I also like it as a name in and of itself.
    Xandria? I like this but don't love it.

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    Alexandria. A girl I go to school with spells it this way and its a name of a village in NY.
    I only like Andie from your list of nicknames

    Lex makes me think of Lex Luther from superman and Lexi just seems really trashy. Lexia makes me think of anorexia.

    What about Allie, Alix, Dria, Alexa or Alexandrie?
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    And I don't like any of the Lex NN. I would avoid using a NN at all it's such a lovely name in full.

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    Alexandria. The other way doesn't seem right.

    I like violetgray's nickname suggestions. Alix, Alexa, or Alexandrie are great. Or just use the name in full, it's so pretty.

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    I would spell it Alexandria, which is proper and prettier.

    As for nicknames, I like Xandra (I know one) and I like Alexie, but other than that I like the full name. -- My Amazon Author Page

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