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    Hello people, please give me a hand here

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Itay and I live in Israel.
    I know how hard it is to choose the right name for your children.
    So I'm developing a mobile application that is based on tested psychology experiments
    and it is supposed to measure your emotional connection to names as well as your unconscious associations to them.

    I'm working really hard for this to work but I need your help!
    Not your money!! your help! I only want to ask you a few questions and see if I can really get you interested.
    Who knows, maybe you will be able to get our BETA version for free before we launch..
    If you are interested or even want to ask me some more questions regarding my work please send me a message.
    Here's my E-mail address:

    If you got this far, I really want to thank you for reading this.

    Have a great week,

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