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    As always, some of these are hard to narrow down and some were hard to find a name that I truly liked, but I wanted to fill each spot.

    Arthur & Arabella (Asa & Athena are very close seconds)
    Bennet & Beatrix
    Callum & Clio
    Dominic & Delia
    Ezra & Esme
    Flynn & Freya
    Graham & Ginevra
    Holden & Hermione
    Isaiah & Isadora
    Jude & Juliet
    Kellen & Katharine
    Leander & Lyra
    Monroe & Miriam
    Noah & Nora
    Oliver & Odette
    Phineas & Primrose
    Quaid & Quinn
    Reed & Rosalie
    Samuel & Serena
    Theodore & Thea
    Ulric & Umber
    Vaughn & Violet
    Willis & Wren
    Xavier & Xanthe
    Yale & Yvaine
    Zane & Zoe
    Current loves: Theodore & Rosalind

    Mommy to Arabella and Jude

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Ashley | namenerd | Christian | storyteller

    my most precious darlings:
    Isabelle Aurora Grace "Bella"Casper Nathaniel Eden "Cap"

    the little ladies:
    Aurelia Maple JaneEleanor Sofia GraceEleni Charlotte Jane "Leni"
    Vera ElioraEliora Phoebe "Lola"Maris Amelia

    the little gentlemen:
    Andreas Sailor BenjaminReef Benjamin EliasSumner Ezra Jack
    Grayson OttoKillian RowleyDaniel Torin

    I'm writing a story--join me! here

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    Ava and Amelia
    bonnie and brownwyn
    cayleigh and charlotte
    daisy and darcy
    eden and esmee
    faith and fia
    gracie and gina
    harriet and Harley
    isla and imogen
    johanna and Jacelyn
    kelsey and keira
    lacey and lexie
    macie and maia
    neva and nala
    olivia and Oceana
    poppy and paige
    quin and uintina
    rhea and robyn
    shelby and sophie
    teagan and trinity
    una and ulla
    victoria and valerya
    winnie and winter
    xenia and Xandra
    yasmin and yolanda
    zadie and zara

    Top Girll names-kelsey,cayleigh,imogen,isla,ava,amelia,poppy,paige ,
    lacey ,robyn ,eden,esmee

    top boy names-harry,aiden,reuben,thomas,issac,ethan,riley,theo,j ayden,leo

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