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    A: Audrey and Alexander
    B: Brooke and Bradley
    C: Clara and Connor
    D: Danica and David
    E: Evelyn and Emmett
    F: Felicity and Frederick
    G: Genevieve and Gavin
    H: Hilary and Hayden
    I: Iris and Isaac
    J: Jana and Jeremy
    K: Kaylee and Keegan
    L: Lucille and Landon
    M: Margot and Mitchell
    N: Nora and Nicholas
    O: Olive and Oliver
    P: Piper and Patrick
    Q: Quinn and Quentin
    R: Robyn and Robert
    S: Sadie and Spencer
    T: Tatum and Trevor
    U: Ursula
    V: Violet and Vincent
    W: Winifred and William
    X: Xander
    Y: Yvette
    Z: Zoey and Zachariah

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