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    Middle name for Josephine

    I haven't been on here in FOREVER! I'm not pregnant, and we aren't TTC yet but we both like being prepared and we're always talking about future baby names. We have a daughter named Harlow Lucille, and the names we have picked out for future kids so far are Boys:Avery Elias and Jude Henry, Girls: Elowen Juniper (middle name is not set) and Josephine (which we haven't picked a MN for yet!)

    So that's where we need help! I need middle name ideas for Josephine. The only combo we like is Josephine Eloisa Lily P-------.

    We aren't completely sold on having two middle names,and honestly hadn't even thought about it until today cause our dauughter only has one middle name, it's just a combo I came up with that we like. So whether it's just one middle name or two, we will appreciate any suggestions.

    Thanks berries!

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    The first name that came to me was Josephine Louise. But maybe that's too blah & old.

    Josephine Belle
    Josephine Tatum
    Josephine Grace

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