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    Selina - sapphire blue
    Selenia - deep purple
    Ursa - black for some reason, maybe a little purple
    Parthenia (Athena) white and red
    Delfina - sea blue
    Cyprina - orange
    Melusina - a greenish grey
    Freya - green, like the green here on Nameberry
    Phaedra - a Fuschia/Magenta type of color
    Rowena - White, solid white
    Caspara - a pale gold
    Fiamma - Red, a deep red
    Finna - Grass green
    Antonia - Purple, like a Violet color
    Fenella - golden yellow
    Julina - hot pink
    Runa - teal

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    These are great! Love the descriptions of frosted mauve, light turquoise, night sky, golden/mustard yellow, orangey red, smoky grey-blue and all the ocean colors. (please vote!)

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    Selina - pale blue
    Selenia - pale green
    Ursa - warm purple
    Parthenia (Athena) -
    Delfina - greyish blue
    Cyprina - dark blue
    Melusina - black
    Freya - light yellow
    Phaedra - dark pink
    Rowena - crimson red
    Caspara - light orange
    Fiamma - dark orange
    Finna - white
    Antonia - "google-blue"
    Fenella - light grey
    Julina - brownish golden
    Runa - dark grey

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    Selina - deep, dark purple
    Selenia - dark blue, almost navy
    Ursa - purple-grey
    Parthenia (Athena) - Athena; pale pink. Parthenia; bright pink
    Delfina: medium blue
    Cyprina: azure blue
    Melusina: azure blue
    Freya: pale pink and ivy green
    Phaedra: pink and ivy green
    Rowena: deep blue
    Caspara: pale grey
    Fiamma: pale green
    Finna: grass green
    Antonia: pinkish-grey
    Fenella: grass green
    Julina: shades of lilac and purple
    Runa: dusty, rustic orange

    EDIT: I was reading these after I posted my comment and it's so fascinating to read what other people feel about different names. Some of them are so similar!
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