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    The nicknames almost always evoke a different color for me, I thought that's how most people saw them! I'm interested in how you see these names.
    Isabelle (Belle/Bella)- dark sandy brown. Belle and Bella are a sandy yellow.
    Arianne (Ari)- red for both
    Olivia (Liv/Olive)- dark, forrest green. Olive is actually the color of a green olive, and Liv is bright green.
    Violet- green. This one's weird because Violet is literally a color and it's purple, but the word sounds green.
    Rachel - light reddish pink
    Liliana (Lily)- Lily= light, yellowy green, Liliana= dark, purplish green
    Eleni (Leni)- Eleni= pink Leni= dark green
    Hannah (Annie)- Annie= bright red, Hannah= dull yellow
    Eve (Evie)- For some reason, Eve is more like a texture to me, like glass. I guess the color would be clear, but it's really more of a feeling name for me. Evie I see as bright, almost white, but with little hints of yellow, red, and green; it's more of a light than a color.
    Charlotte (Lola)- Charlotte has a texture as well, in this case kind of fleece-like. It's not warm, though, just textured. If I had to pick a Charlotte color, I think it would be a dark, brownish-blakish gray, but a texture comes more easily for this name. Lola is green.
    Josephine/Johanna (Posy)- Posy = reddish brown. Josephine and Johanna are both muted orange, like autumn, but Johanna is a bit more brown-red and Josephine is more orange, if that makes any sense.
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    Isabelle/Belle: Ballet Pink. Bella however is more light bubblegum pink.
    Arianne/Ari: Red
    Olivia/Liv: Light orange. Olive however is a more yellowy sage green.
    Violet: Violet!
    Rachel: Deep blue, almost black, but not navy?
    Liliana (Lily) : Pale lavender
    Charlotte: Pale sunshine yellow. Lola is neon green.
    Eleni (Leni) : Indigo definitely!
    Hannah: Normal plain yellow. Annie's orangey red
    Eve: Forest green. On the other hand Evie is plum.
    Josephine: Dull orange. Johanna is mustard. Posy is pale pinky purple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    I had to jump on the bandwagon, too. I have colors I associate pretty strongly with all of these names, but I'm curious to see what color everyone else associates with these names. Thanks, ladies!

    Isabelle (Belle/Bella Black. I just imagine a woman in black lace.
    Arianne (Ari) Lavendar
    Olivia (Liv/Olive) a lush leafy green.
    Violet Dark purple of course
    Rachel Blue
    Liliana (Lily) White
    Charlotte (Lola) A bright pink.
    Eleni (Leni) Royal blue
    Hannah (Annie) Peachy coral shade for Hannah, for Annie is more of a sunshine yellow.
    Eve (Evie) A light blue
    Josephine/Johanna (Posy) Red

    If the nns evoke a different color than the full name, I'd be interested in that, as well.

    Thanks, ladies!
    I don't usually associate colors with names so I was a bit taken back with the recent posts alluding to that. But I put forth my best effort to be a good sport.
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    LOL I might just do one of these posts now, as I associate my choices with certain colors too.
    Isabelle (Belle/Bella) Isabella is white, Bella is gold/yellow.
    Arianne (Ari) a purple shade, somewhere near indigo
    Olivia (Liv/Olive) henna green
    Violet is violet
    Rachel is a smoky blue
    Liliana (Lily) is lavender
    Charlotte (Lola) is muted pink
    Eleni (Leni) is a mustard yellow
    Hannah (Annie) is brown
    Eve (Evie) is antique gold
    Josephine/Johanna (Posy) is a red-orange (please vote!)

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    Isabelle - a Cream colour
    Arianne - light yellowy
    Olivia - Peachy pink
    Violet - Bluey purple
    Rachel - orangey-reddy-brown
    Liliana - yellowish, light yellow
    Charlotte - shades of blue from navy to baby blue
    Eleni - green not sure what shade though
    Hannah - yellow but a calm kind.
    Eve - mossy, olivey green
    Josephine - green
    Johanna - reddy brown

    I'll also post the exact HEX code for the colours in my mind:

    Isabelle - #fdfeea
    Arianne - #fcf7ab
    Olivia - #fcd5ab
    Violet - #4d128e
    Rachel - #ab4a0f
    Liliana - #faf57a
    Charlotte - #0b0951 and #d8e4fd
    Eleni - something like #8bb88b
    Hannah - #fff68f
    Eve - #3e4807
    Josephine - #469a4a
    Johanna - #8c2d03
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