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    What colors do you see for these names?

    I had to jump on the bandwagon, too. I have colors I associate pretty strongly with all of these names, but I'm curious to see what color everyone else associates with these names. Thanks, ladies!

    Isabelle (Belle/Bella)
    Arianne (Ari)
    Olivia (Liv/Olive)
    Liliana (Lily)
    Charlotte (Lola)
    Eleni (Leni)
    Hannah (Annie)
    Eve (Evie)
    Josephine/Johanna (Posy)

    If the nns evoke a different color than the full name, I'd be interested in that, as well.

    Thanks, ladies!
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    Casper Nathaniel EdenEleanor Pasqualina Mary "Lena"Samson Adler JackPoppy Éliane Clementina
    Thomas BenjaminAlice ClementineIan MarinerAmelia Winter
    Claire JuniperDesmond JoshuaHazel IsabellaEzra Borealis

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    Isabelle (Belle/Bella)- A really light powder blue, kind of like the sky. Bella gets forest gren.
    Arianne (Ari)- Lilac
    Olivia (Liv/Olive)- Olive green (most people don't like that color, but I do.)
    Violet- Dark purple or mauve
    Rachel - Reddish orange
    Liliana (Lily)- a yellow-white, like an Easter flower.
    Charlotte (Lola)- Yellow orange, not bright though.
    Eleni (Leni)- Another yellowy color, though more daisyish
    Hannah (Annie)- Lime green! Annie is a dull blue
    Eve (Evie)- Pale orange
    Josephine/Johanna (Posy)- Josephine is a light regal blue, while Posy is a dark purple


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    Isabelle (Belle/Bella) - Purple/Blue
    Arianne (Ari) - Red
    Olivia (Liv/Olive) - Yellow
    Violet - Purple (of course!)
    Rachel - Red
    Liliana (Lily) - White
    Charlotte (Lola) - Red
    Eleni (Leni) - Pink
    Hannah (Annie) - Yellow, but Annie would be red....
    Eve (Evie) - Green
    Josephine/Johanna (Posy) - Purple

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    Isabelle (Belle/Bella) - White
    Arianne (Ari) - Forrest green
    Olivia (Liv/Olive) - Dark purple (like eggplant), but Liv is yellow
    Violet - Violet
    Rachel - Orange
    Liliana (Lily) - White and yellow
    Charlotte (Lola) - Light purple
    Eleni (Leni) - Yellow
    Hannah (Annie) - Baby blue
    Eve (Evie) - Light purple
    Josephine/Johanna (Posy) - White but red for Posy
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    Isabelle (Belle/Bella) - Isabelle to me is a baby pink and lime green together, the same for Belle, but I see Bella as red

    Arianne (Ari) - Purple, this whole combo screams purple to me

    Olivia (Liv/Olive) - Green, like a kelly green I guess, and for some strange reason Olive is a cornflower blue to me

    Violet -Well obviously purple haha!

    Rachel - kind of a brown but with some green and purple in there too

    Liliana (Lily) - White, a very pure untouched white

    Charlotte (Lola) - This one stumps me! I just cannot get a color for Charlotte, I guess maybe a very pale yellow

    Eleni (Leni) - I just see Greece when I hear this name and there is a lot of blue in Greece so I am going to go with Sapphire Blue

    Hannah (Annie) - Pink and yellow! Annie is more yellow but Hannah is definitely both

    Eve (Evie) - Navy blue maybe, not sure where this is coming from though..

    Josephine/Johanna (Posy) Josephine and Posy are pretty yellow to me with hints of lilac purple but Johanna is definitely pink and yellow. When I hear Johanna I cannot get Belle's yellow dress from Beauty and the Beast out of my head

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