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    Aug 2011
    California, USA
    Twins I know:
    Haley and Jacob
    Macie and Madison (g/g)
    Jessica and Julia
    Jesse and Jessica (b/g)

    My picks:
    Emmeline Seraphina (leen ending) and Genevieve Rosalia
    Cassia and Saskia
    Haven and Hale (g/b)
    Seraphina and Fiammetta
    (updated 9/1/17)

    ~ Catherina Violet ~ Ivy Seraphina ~

    ~ Leo Alexander ~ Nathaniel Henry ~

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    May 2012
    Twins I know:
    Ani & Marrick (girls)
    Stacy & Lacy (girls)
    Andrew & Aaron (guys)
    Marcus & Sean (guys)
    Mackenzie & Makayla (girls)
    Kole & Kolby (guys)
    Tyler & Terra (guy, girl)

    My Favorite Twin Names:

    Scarlett & Vivienne
    Violet & Lily
    Acacia & Azalea
    Ingrid & Irina
    Terrence & Tyler
    Elijah & Isaiah
    Dylan & Derek
    Zachary & Joshua
    Currently Loving:
    Adrien Vincent, Aaron Andrew, Roan Loren, Keenan Rocero, Kenneth Peter, Deion Troy
    Avalon Lenore, Arabella Nadine, Katrina Ayla, Sienna Gabriella, Reese Calla, Reina Malia, Julia Skai

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    Humboldt, California
    If I magically popped twins out right this second, I'd name them:

    G/G: Rowena Lucy & Beatrix Clara "Ena & Bea"
    B/B: Augustus Milo & Caspian Hugo "Auggie & Cas"
    B/G: Augustus Milo & Rowena Lucy "Auggie & Ena"

    I don't like matchy-matchy names. I do like sibling names (especially twin names) to have the same "feel". Clarissa is a lovely name, as is Evangeline. But they seem very different to me.
    Love my dog Zephyr <3
    Currently pondering:
    Elysia Maeve~Marina Isolde~Linnea Violetta~Minerva Sophronia~Merida Ianthe~Eleni Finola
    Tiernan Hugo~Felix Lysander~Orion Casimir~Caspian Milo~Evander Anslem~Leonidas Gavin
    Cosima Helene & Emrys Jasper

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    Twins I know:
    Kylie and Kalie

    Names I'd use:
    B/B: Jude Thaddeus and Ean Anthony
    G/G: Marney Margaret and Libby Love
    B/G: Seth Ford and Phoebe Faire
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    My favorite twin combo I met in real life were twin girls one named Kay and the other named Leigh.
    Other twins in real life:
    Jason & Nathan
    Jennifer & Kristina
    Amanda & Alexis

    My theoretical twins:
    Esme & Ewan (g/b)
    Celia & Alice
    Phillip & Peter
    Arianna & Adelaide 'Della"

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