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    Hey - good news.. husband is on board for Vida. He thinks maybe Veda will simplify pronunciation.. (we go with Vee-da)I'm unphased on that.

    Juliet/Juliette is still the #1 choice for mn. I do love Giselle though - it got a big thumbs down from Veto-man!!
    In my heart I'm not worried by the intials VJ, when our first girl was born we had a friend nickname her Abo so even when you think you have it all covered someone creates the unthinkable!

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    Haha, that's true! You can't worry about these things too much, they're usually not a big deal in the end.

    I don't want to confuse you more, but personally I think Vida creates less pronunciation problems if you want the VEE-da sound. I say Vida as VEE-da and Veda as VAY-da. I'm not sure if that's the same for most people. Perhaps you could do a poll? "Which are you most likely to pronounce as VEE-da, Vida, Veda or both?" - just an idea!

    Vida Giselle would be lovely, but I still prefer Vida Juliet if you're over the initials. It's a STUNNING name!

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    Abby Hannah – Cute. I prefer Abigail or Abbey, though. It's nice.

    Xanthe Ella – very intriguing!

    Fenella Molly – I've never heard of Fenella...but Molly is nice.

    Sudi Juliette – I don't like Sudi, it reminds me of Sudoku. Juliette is very pretty, though. What of Suri Juliet, or Juliet Suri? Or Siri Juliet, Juliet Siri.

    I like Vida Lilian and Vida Giselle. I really like Vida Juliet, though, it is the loveliest of the aforementioned suggestions. I wouldn't worry about the initials.
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