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    Abby Hannah- Cute. A little dull. Abigail Hannelore is more interesting.
    Xanthe Ella- Interesting, but I'm STILL unsure of how to say Xanthe. I like how the unique Xanthe is balanced with Ella.
    Fenella Molly- Fenella makes me think of Funnel cake. Molly is cute, though I like Mary a tad more.
    Sudi Juliette- Juliette (or Juliet, either spelling is fine) is pretty, but Sudi is really wierd. And not in a good way. I have no idea what to make of it.

    I know you don't care if sibsets are wel, sibsets, but these are all so different, I wouldn't think they were siblings.

    I really hope I haven't been to harsh!

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    Abby Hannah - Cute. I prefer the full name of Abigail
    Xanthe Ella - this runs together as one name for me, like Xanthiella. I'm a fan of Xanthe and Xanthia. Xanthia Eleanor is all kinds of awesome
    Fenella Molly - I actually know a Fenella. the two 'll' sounds clash for me. Fenella Mary as previously suggested is a better option IMO
    Sudi Juliette - I find Sudi odd. Sadie?

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    Yay! Thanks for the quickfire replies!

    I agree with the ee sound being at the end for all but Fenella is a little awkward but I tend to sway in favour of the names standing alone individually over the sibset flow.

    Sudhi was the name of a school acquaintance - pronounced as you say rhyming with Suzie or Judy! I had never considered it until it popped up in a naming book as Sudy (Old English, meaning southerly wind, said to favour good seasons) which struck a chord being farmers! I could only find it on the net as a male name of Egyptian origin meaning lucky.

    I ran it past very fussy husband and it passed his unisex aversions.. and slowly crept up on us but I do feel like there could be another perfect name out there that I am just not seeing.

    The new trend for traditionals and old classics doesn't suit us - something strong, feminine and a little bit different.. isn't that what everyone wants

    Would definitely love to hear suggestions.

    * I also agree with spelling Juliet - think I was trying too hard there!

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    I would prefer Suri to Sudi. It's much prettier and more feminine.

    I love Xanthe and Fenella.

    Some names that came to mind for you are:
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    I love the first three, but I do not care for Sudi at all. What about Siri?

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