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    Four pretty maids all in a row!

    Well after many a month of silent stalking I am nervously posting our sibset for feedback and suggestions. Be kind this is my first time!
    Husband and I choose names with no set formula, just instinct and love for the name.. so I can't really define a style for you other than hubby likes girls to be our tribe consists of...

    Abby Hannah
    Xanthe Ella
    Fenella Molly
    and we think the final member of our family may be...
    Sudi Juliette

    Would love to hear your thoughts, or alternatives you think might fit!

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    So maybe these names are uninspiring and boring coz no-one wants to help me!
    Would really love to hear some feedback - good or bad..please

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    Ok, a lot of these are nms, but I do like: Abby, Juliette, Ella. I like Molly and Hannah, too. Fenella and Xanthe really throw me off, and Sudi is completely off my radar. I could maybe eventually get used to Fenella and Xanthe, but I just don't see the appeal of Sudi. I have a more traditional naming style, so maybe you'll get some responses from more ambitious namers!
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    So I think your names are the opposite of uninspiring and boring! I think they're very interesting individually and as a set.

    Molly, Juliet (I like this spelling but it doesn't make much difference) and Hannah are personal favourites of mine. And I know Xanthe is super popular among a lot of the Berries. I definitely don't dislike it, it's just a name I'm not used to yet having never heard of it before nameberry! It reminds me of one of my favourites Phoebe though so I like that.

    So Abby, Xanthe, Fenella and Sudi?

    I have to be honest, I don't know what to make of Sudi! I've never heard of it before! What are the origins? How do I pronounce it? Like Suzy with a "d"? I'm not sure I really like it, though as previously mentioned I adore Juliette!

    Also, it may not bother you, but the thing that stood out for me is that Fenella is the only one whose name isn't two syllables ending with an "ee" sound. That would bother me personally, but obviously you may not be concerned with the "sibset" as such, and more just want a name you really love, which at the end of the day is more important than a perfectly matched set!

    I however would go either with a name ending with an "a" like Fenella, or a name with a totally different ending.

    If you'd like some suggestions let me know and I'll give it a try!

    Welcome to nameberry

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    Sudi reminds me a bit of Judi, which is dated. If you aren't worried about celebrity popularity, Suri maybe? Or Zuri?

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