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    Need help narrowing down a combo! Be honest!!

    Hi everyone! I finally feel like my baby's name is in here somewhere I just don't quite know where yet! Please tell me your fav combo or you can mix and match. Or if you have other suggestions similar to this style I'd love to hear them too!! Ps baby's last name will be Barnhart.

    Arabella Soleil
    Arabella Snow
    Arabella Story

    Sicily Soleil
    Sicily Snow

    Soleil Snow

    Romilly Soleil
    Romilly Snow
    Romilly Arabelle

    Ottilie Snow
    Ottilie Soleil
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    Arabella Snow is my favourite of these combos, then Arabella Soleil.

    I think Cecily is much softer looking and more classic than Sicily, while maintaining much of the same sound?

    I think Soleil is the sort of word name that gives actual French people hives, but I have a soft spot for it. Soleil, however, doesn't work with Snow for me, sun/snow sort of gets too double-barrel word-y for me.

    Other suggestions: Araminta, Annabel, Susannah, Cecilia, Solange, Sybil/Sibyl, Sybilla, Opal, Opaline.

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    From your list I like Ottilie Snow. Fresh and lovely. Love this. I also like Ottilie Plum.

    Arabella Snow is nice, but with so many Bellas running around I'd go with Ottilie.

    If Sicily was Cecily I would vote Cecily Arabelle.

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    I really love Arabella! All your MN options are lovely for it, but Arabella Story is my favorite. And then Arabella Snow. I also really like the idea of Arabella with one of your other FN choices--Arabella Ottilie, for example, or Arabella Cecily (this sp), or Arabella Romilly (although that's a lot of "L"s!).

    Good luck!
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    Is cecily pn Sicily or Ceecily? I like how it looks but don't know if people would pn it how I like. Speaking of pronouncing, do you think people would get that soleil is not so-leel? I reserved it for the middle just incase.. And does ottilie sound too much like oddly to the average non-nameberry ear? Thanks again for all the help! It's much appreciated

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