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    Due in 5 weeks and need to make up our minds!

    DH and I are due with our second babe in about 5 weeks and still have not picked our names. We are not finding out the sex so we need to pick a boy and girl name. We honestly will probably take our top 2 to the hospital but need to finalize our choices. DD is Georgia Beatrice.

    For girls, we love Louise and is honestly my top choice but I have my moments of doubt so honest opinions welcome. We like also really love Edith, Frances, Betty, and Esther. For middle names, I really prefer 3 syllables since our last name is Marks and all of our FN choices are 2 syllables; to me the flow just sounds better that way. Top middle names are Sojourner (has significance), Agatha, Harriet, Josephine, Eliza.

    Some girl combos we like:

    Louise Sojourner
    Louise Agatha
    Edith Josephine
    Frances Eliza

    Now boys. Our top 2 boys names are the same 2 we took to the hospital with Georgia. Lionel and Harvey. I am majorly crushing on Thatcher though! Some middle names we like are Theodore, Atticus, Thaddeus, Anderson (DH is Andrew), but also kind of stuck on middle names for boys and combos. Maybe I have had them mulling in my head for so long they just don't sound fresh anymore or something?

    Lionel Anderson
    Harvey Theodore

    Help us decide and give us your honest opinions. Maybe you guys can help us pick a solid first and second choice! Thanks in advance.

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    Louise- I love it.
    Edith- out of your list it takes last place for me, but I do like it.
    Frances- my personal favorite. Frances Sojourner gets my vote!
    Betty- love it, but I prefer it as a nn for Elizabeth or whatever else. The Bette dpelling can stand alone though imo.
    Esther- very nice

    I love this list. I would absolutely go for the mn that has significance for you, Sojourner.

    Louisa Sojourner
    Edna Sojourner
    Etta Sojourner
    Bette Sojourner
    Elizabetta Sojourner

    Frances Sojourner is my favorite working from your list, but Louisa Sojourner is gorgeous and I really like Bette Sojourner...that just has so much spirit.

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    Edith is my favorite girl name from your list.

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    So not one of the options you put forth, but I love the sound of Eliza Louise
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    Harvey Theodore is all kinds of awesome!

    As for girls names I'm crushing on Agatha atm and think that Agatha Louise would be a great combo. Taking a name straight from your list however, I like Edith Josephine. I also really like Edith Harriet.

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