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    I'm going to bump this.

    When I was around 4-5 my mom signed my up for softball since she played it, even after I was born. Then at age 5 she took me to a football game and I was plopped in front of the cheerleaders the whole game. I hated softball, which she knew, but kept signing me up. Luckily, she still signed me up for cheerleading. Finally, my father let me make the decision to stop playing softball. The rule was, that once I was signed up for something I had to finish out the season. 17 years later I coach five year old cheerleaders.

    They also had a rule that until I was in high school I had to participate in an athletic program as well as an artistic one. I played the flute and I was in chorus.

    I appreciated that my mom wanted to pass on her love of the sport, but they also supported my wishes. I'll probably sign my future daughters up for cheerleading and gymanstics and play it by ear. If she asks to stop, that's fine but she'll have to find another physical activity. I'd love to see my future sons playing football, but I guess I'll let my s/o make that decision (if I get cheerleading, he can get whatever sports he wants) and keep the rule of one athletic and one artistic.

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    I've always known I want my children to do ballet. I've been dancing since I was three, so it's very important to me. I'm a yoga instructor, so I'm guessing there'll be plenty of yoga too. Apart from that I'd like them to have art classes, drama classes & play a classic instrument (violin, cello, piano) I'd also love them to learn how to ski! I'm going to send my children to the Rudolf Steiner school, and drama, art & music are a big part of that education.

    My kids will be bilingual, but I want them to learn french or italian.

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    I do hockey, dancing, violin, church groups, netball, sailing, singing lessons so quite a lot. I used to do gymnastics but I stard o get dizzy every time I went upside down so I had to stop. I think that my children should do a lot of activities but I am not adamant on swimming lessons as I think I am just going to teach them myself.

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    SO will be teaching swimming to any kids. He's a fish and I'm the awkward person who stands in the deep end and can barely swim.
    I grew up in a bowling alley as did my parents and while I bowl its not something I see myself or my kids doing. I'd love to see any of my future sons play football or hockey (if it's available where we wind up living). Daughters will probably be put in softball or soccer or hockey. I'd also love for my kids to be bilingual (English/German) but I speak very broken German and SO only recognizes words so that probably won't happen. I might try for Spanish as we both have some fluency with it and it will probably be more helpful than German.

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