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    My boys are fencers.

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    When I have children, I'd like for them to play an instrument, learn a language, and do a form of sport/dance. The particular instrument, language or type of sport/dance is irrelevant, I'm not bothered so long as they do one of them, it can be their own personal choice.

    My own parents insisted on the same with myself and my siblings and it worked out great. Being fluent in French from a young age gave me a huge advantage in secondary school, as did being a Grade 7 on the Piano when I did Music as one of my subjects for my A-Levels. Having done Ballet from a young age, I was always active and fit and it was great for relieving stress during my teenage years.

    I don't think one could go wrong with that formula of extra curricular activities. I plan on gently introducing these activities from the age of 2-3 years old, so that their hobbies will be part of normal, everyday life from the start. There will be no pressure to be the best in the world at any of their hobbies, so long as they try their hardest I'll be okay with it.

    I'd also love if they did competitive swimming but so long as they are able to swim well and hold their own in the water, I'll be happy to let that one go.
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    DD1 will be starting dance this fall at age three. It was a toss-up between dance and gymnastics (she wants to try both, especially after watching the Olympics!) but we feel one activity is enough for her age. She will also be starting swim lessons next spring, along with her sister who will be two. We'll look into starting other things (music, other sports, Scouts) as they get a little bit older.

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    DD is starting dance this fall (ok, creative movement). Several girls from her daycare also are taking the class, so fingers crossed that she'll enjoy it. Next summer I also am hoping she'll take swimming lessons. I took piano growing up (still play) and DH played the saxophone in his school band & still plays guitar from time to time, so music lessons are definitely in the future for both DD & baby #2 (DS).
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    I teach ballet/tap/tumbling for 2 year olds on up (my oldest are second year pointe). LOVE that so many of you have children in dance! I'm biased, but growing up in the dance studio is the best! It's also good to see a positive grounded attitude about it. It's usually clear from day 1 if I have kids in the class who are only there because mom wants her to be a ballerina, that's no fun to see.

    @girlymegz, love that youre thinking about dance for your son! The boys I teach (usually from the age of 2 or 3 on up) are so much fun to have in class and its wonderful for the girls in class to see that dance is for everyone, not just little girls in pink leotards. It makes the whole class better when its a mix of boys and girls in my opinion.

    The only thing thats non negotiable for my future children is that they be bilingual because they will be dealing with grandparents who speak two different languages. This would just be around the house early on obviously, but I would want them to take a class to get a handle on the grammar and sharpen up their skills (as the second language isnt one thats traditionally available in school systems). Of course I'd love for them to have the opportunity to learn an instrument, and I'd be over the moon to have children in dance, but I dont believe in pushing too hard if theyre not passionate about it too.

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