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    Sports/ activities

    Inspired by the olympics I've been thinking about what sports I would like to get my children into, as well as what other activities. I don't think it's fair to get young kids to do too many sports/activities, however there are just so many great ones out there... so hard to pick!!!

    What sports/activities do your kids (or do you plan for your furture kids) do? From what age did they start?

    I understand many activites can be chosen according to a child's interests when they are old enough to choose, but with many sports/ activities it is an advantage to start young - how did you choose what activities/ sports to involve your child in? Is it clear what they will like/ be good at from an early age?
    For me it would be important for my kids to do swimming and one musical instrument (probably piano) from an early age. But I would love for them to try out some other things too... not sure what yet!
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    I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years and a diver for 4 of those years as well as being in choir for 6 years, 2 of which were a show choir. I want my future kids to be able to swim, at least enough to not drown if not competitively, and play the piano (going to get my family's heirloom piano out of storage when we get our own house), then they can choose an instrument to continue with once they have the piano down. I'd really like them to be able to play harp, violin/fiddle, guitar, and drums (I want 4 kids so one each instrument, LOL), but it'll be their choice, those just happen to be my favorite instruments. I would really like if I could enroll them in Gaelic dancing, but it depends on where we settle down and if the area has a program that's close enough.
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    I really want to put my son into gymnastics or dancing. He is two and already doing Somersaults and balancing on park equipment. We started him skiing last winter, which he loved, hoping when he is a bit older to try him on a snowboard, since the hubs and I board. He may also end up being a skateboarder like his daddy, since he can't wait to take him out and teach him.

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    I'm definitely putting my kids in swimming lessons for a couple years when they're young. Learning to swim and being comfortable in water is really important to me.
    After that, I don't have a preference in what kind of activities they do, but I will probably sign them up for diving once they can swim in the deep end (so, 4), and I'd like to put them in some kind of 'tot gymnastics' thing when they're between 2 and 3. I just think little kids like gymnastics, haha, so that'd be fun. I was a diver for 5 years and coached for 8 years, so that's a sport I understand and am comfortable with.

    My brothers and I did a huge medley of sports growing up, and while none of us ever went pro, we all had a good time, competed, and learned a lot. I think it helped with time management and responsibility, too.
    I do have to say, I'd love to put my daughter in rhythmic gymnastics. I did it for a winter when I was about 6, and hated it because I had separation anxiety from my mom, lol, but I really, really wish I'd been more open to it. I'm happy I was involved in diving, but rhythmic gymnastics is so cool!

    If my kids aren't interested in sports, though, I won't care. I do want them to know how to swim, but other than that, it doesn't matter. If they're interested in music, or gardening, or painting, or orienteering, I'm game for that. I think it's important they do *something* that'll get them out and meeting people their age and learning social skills in a safe environment, but I don't really care what it is.
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    When I have kids, I will definitely put them in swimming lessons, just so they now how to swim, a very important life skill. Whether they go competitive would be their decision, I wouldn't force it on them.

    I'd let them do what they like, just so they get activity, whether it be dancing/theater or karate or ice skating or swimming or gymnastics or fencing.

    I'll probably give my kids piano lessons, too, because it's also a good skill to know. Maybe voice lessons when they're older if they show potential and interest. I come from a musical family, so it's important that my future children will do something musical, even if it's just kiddie choir at church.

    It is important to me for kids to do what they love, make new friends, learn new skills and get activity.
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