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    Ten years have passed since I married Prince George Willem Laurent of England. Just a year after our first child is born, the George's parents, King Alfred Theobald Adolphus and Queen Maud Alexandra Eleanor both met their end when their ship is ravaged by a storm and sinks on the way to India.

    George is devastated, but because he is their eldest son he automatically ascends the throne as King of England, which makes me Queen Consort. I feel stronger and more powerful with each passing day under my new title, even though under the law I am still powerless. Eventually I decide to take charge of the only thing I do have control over, my only child's life. I decide that Princess Margaret Eugenie Heloise deserves a childhood similar to mine, one filled with life, laughter and plenty of siblings. Over the next 10 years, I have more children through nine more pregnancies.

    I am unable to conceive the year following the deaths of George's parents, but the next year I become pregnant. When Princess Margaret is two years old, I give birth to another girl. Princess Beatrice Cordelia Theodora is very sickly, and often must remain inside instead of playing in the gardens with her sister. She has my golden hair and George's green eyes, and is much loved by both of us despite her condition. We worry often about her healthy, and pray that she lives.

    Only a few months after the birth of Princess Beatrice, I again become pregnant. George and I are very surprised when I give birth to triplets. Princesses Theresa Millicent Isolde and Johanna Violet Dorothea look just alike, with golden hair and grey eyes like me. They are very friendly and outgoing girls who enjoy running about the palace gardens with Princess Margaret. Their brother is stillborn, and George and I are devastated. He looks just like his father, with curly dark hair. We bury him under the name Prince Charles Phineas Matthew.

    My next pregnancy again results in multiples, this time twins. Princess Charlotte Maude Patricia is healthy and active, often seen playing with her sisters. She has dark hair and green eyes just like George. George and I are crushed when the second twin, a boy, is stillborn. Prince Patrick Lemuel Oliver has my golden-brown hair.

    The next two years bring two more pregnancies. The first results in a sickly girl, Princess Mary Emmaline Frances. She has my light hair and George's green eyes. However, at a young age, she becomes very ill and is stricken blind. My next pregnancy, a year later, brings another girl. Princess Rosalind Edith Louise is healthy, but is very quiet and does not run about with her sisters very often. She prefers to sit inside and read or sew.

    The following year, I again become pregnant. I give birth to twins, Princess Louisa Cecily Philippa and Prince Thomas Barnabas John. Princess Louisa is healthy and outgoing, with blonde hair and green eyes. She also grows into quite the flirt, and soon has every man in court fawning over her. George and I devastated when Prince Thomas is stillborn, and I begin to fear that I cannot produce a male heir.

    My eighth pregnancy finally brings joy in the form of triplets. Although we grieve over Princess Samantha Lavinia Diana, who is stillborn, we are still thrilled when the second and third babies are healthy boys. Prince William Thaddeus James becomes the heir to the throne, and looks just like his father with dark brown hair and green eyes. His brother Prince Henry Josiah Edmund has my golden-brown hair and grey eyes, but is often brushed aside by others in favor of Prince William.

    The next year brings another pregnancy - another set of twins. Thankfully, both of them are healthy. Prince Matthias Atticus Raymond has dark hair and grey eyes, and is very intelligent. He and his brother, Prince Henry, are often seen studying and talking together. Princess Alice Matilda Juliet is much like her sister, Princess Rosalind. She is very quiet, but very intelligent. She and her sister often pester their brothers' tutor to instruct them as well.

    My last pregnancy is also a happy one. I give birth to twin boys, Princes Andrew Humphrey Joseph and Philip Chester Jonathan are identical, with dark hair and grey eyes. They are very rowdy, and often like to play jokes on their older sisters.

    At the age of twenty-six, I now have fourteen living children {nine girls and five boys} and four deceased {three boys and one girl}.

    Princess Margaret Eugenie Heloise {10}
    Princess Beatrice Cordelia Theodora {9}
    Princess Theresa Millicent Isolde {7}
    Princess Johanna Violet Dorothea {7}
    Prince Charles Phineas Matthew {7}
    Princess Charlotte Maude Patricia {6}
    Prince Patrick Lemuel Oliver {6}
    Princess Mary Emmeline Frances {5}
    Princess Rosalind Edith Louise {4}
    Princess Louisa Cecily Philippa {3}
    Prince Thomas Barnabas John {3}
    Princess Samantha Lavinia Diana {2}
    Prince William Thaddeus James {2}
    Prince Henry Josiah Edmund {2}
    Prince Matthias Atticus Raymond {1}
    Princess Alice Matilda Juliet {1}
    Prince Andrew Humphrey Joseph {NB}
    Prince Philip Chester Jonathan {NB}

    Despite all the stress and heartache, my children have brought such hope and gaiety to my life these past ten years. It is only after I have finished childbearing that things get, well, dicey..........
    name-loving teenager living in the midwest
    Beatrice ~ Alexandra ~ Lillian ~ Anastasia ~ Josephine ~ Adeline
    Nathaniel ~ Alexander ~ Theodore ~ Frederick ~ Matthias

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