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    Ten years have passed since you married Prince Stellen of Austria. Just a year after your first child is born the Princes parents Arabella and Alfred both met their end. How did it happen?

    If you have an agreeable marriage (roll)...
    5 or 6: They are kidnapped and executed by a rebel group within Austria

    Either way, because your husband is their eldest son he automatically ascends the throne as King of Austria, which makes you Queen Consort. You feel stronger and more powerful with each passing day under your new title even though under the law you are still powerless. Eventually you decide to take charge of the only thing you do have control over, your only child's life. You decide that Cressida deserves a childhood similar to yours, one filled with life, laughter and plenty of siblings. Over the next 10 years you have more children. How many times are you with child?

    If you have an agreeable marriage...
    2. 7

    1st child:
    1. A healthy boy- Prince Augustus (Gus) Lemuel Veit
    2nd child:
    3. Stillborn girl
    3rd child:
    2. A healthy girl- Princess Lavinia Violet Brigitta
    4th child:
    6.Twins, one is stillborn G/B- Prince Benedict Otto Ludwig (Ben)
    5th Child:
    7. Healthy Twins G/G- Princesses Juliette Arabella Liesl and Evelina Clementine Maria
    6th child:
    2. A healthy girl- Princess Corinna Nell Sabine
    7th child:
    6.Twins, one is stillborn B/B- Prince Seamus Werner Felix

    Cressida- 16 years old- has curly red hair and green eyes
    Gus- 15 years old- has brown hair and blue eyes
    Lavinia- 13 years old- has long caramel colored hair and hazel eyes
    Ben- 11 years old- has reddish- brown hair and brown eyes
    Juliette- 8 years old- has straight strawberry blonde hair and grey-blue eyes
    Evelina- 8 years old- same as Juliette
    Corinna- 4 years old- has curly dark brown hair and green-blue eyes
    Seamus- 3 years old- has dark brown hair and brown eyes

    Despite all the stress and heartache, your children have brought such hope and gaiety to your life these past ten years. It is only after you have finished childbearing that things get, well, dicey..........

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