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    Ten years have passed since you married Prince Peter of Russia. Just a year after your first child is born the Princes parents Nicholas and Charlotte both met their end. How did it happen? They both succumb to a Typhoid epidemic that ravages Russia.

    Either way, because your husband is their eldest son he automatically ascends the throne as King of Russia, which makes you Queen Consort. You feel stronger and more powerful with each passing day under your new title even though under the law you are still powerless. Eventually you decide to take charge of the only thing you do have control over, your only child's life. You decide that Sophia deserves a childhood similar to yours, one filled with life, laughter and plenty of siblings. Over the next 10 years you have more children. How many times are you with child? 5

    What do they result in? A sickly girl
    Healthy Twins Boy
    A healthy boy
    A healthy girl
    Stillborn girl

    What are your children's names?
    HRH Anastasia Emmeline Paulina "Nina"
    HRH Alexander Thaddeus Grigori "Alex"
    HRH Nicholas Phineas Valerik "Nick"
    HRH Maximilian Atticus Ziven "Max"
    HRH Tatianna Genevieve Dominika "Anna"
    HRH Christiana Cecilia Charlotta

    Despite all the stress and heartache, your children have brought such hope and gaiety to your life these past ten years. It is only after you have finished childbearing that things get, well, dicey..........

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