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Thread: Quiz for Life

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    Quiz for Life

    A fun little quiz game. Please feel free to add stories. I thought I'd repost as I forgot to mention this is a name bank game, all names must come from there unless otherwise stated

    You - Choose a first name that has meaning to you. Middle name is 2-4 letters long.
    Partner - Any name. Name is 4-7 letters long.

    1. You are from;
    a) Europe - you welcome a beautiful baby boy.
    b) North America - you adopt a gorgeous little puppy.
    c) South America - you decide to move to a new city. why?
    d) Africa - you welcome a set of beautiful twins. genders your choice.
    e) Asia - you decide to move to a new country. why?
    f) Oceania - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.

    NAMES -

    Girls - Audrey, Ella, Louisa, Celeste, James, Harper, Avery, Eden, Emelia, Madeline, Mackinlee, Emily, Ava, Zara, Sophia, Grace, May, Ines, Isadora, Bethany.

    Boys - Harper, Jackson, Axle, Dorion, Dean, Julian, Oscar, Leonardos, Flynn, Finley, John, Rocco, Cameron, Miguel, Manuel, Tobias, Nicolas, Odafin, Dominic, Rafael.

    Puppy - Digger, Tucker, Maggie, Kimba, Babushka, Inigo, Kalua, Felix, Luna, Molly, Murphy.

    You choose city or country.

    2. Favourite Ice Cream Flavour
    a) Mint Choc Chip - You welcome a beautiful new baby. (If you had one already, opposite gender. If you didn't it's a boy)
    b) Strawberry - You decide to change careers and start studying.
    c) Caramel - Your partner gets a promotion.
    d) Rainbow - You welcome a beautiful baby girl.
    e) other - you move. (if you moved before, you now swap countries. if you didn't, different city)

    NAMES -

    Girls - Anyanka, Willow, Dawn, Destiny, Hope, Eliza, Amber, Alyson, Elodie, Katarina, Elpheba, Gloria, Gina, Monica, Penelope, Reese, Katie, Annalise, Reegan, Tatum.

    Boys - William, Thomas, Ty, Taj, Cruz, William, Wyatt, Timothy, Daniel, Milo, Brody, Cooper, Lucas, Simon, Jake, Lionel, Ronald, Dashiell, Christopher, Kelly.

    CAREER - Cop, Paramedic, Education Related, Engineer, Paediatrician, Orthodontics, Lawyer, Events Management, Hospitality.

    3. You are
    a) 18 or under - life event of your choice.
    b) 19 to 25 - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.
    c) 26 to 30 - you welcome a beautiful baby boy.
    d) 31 to 35 - you welcome a set of beautiful twin boys.
    e) 36 to 40 - you welcome a set of beautiful twin girls.
    f) 40 + - you welcome a set of multiples. you choose how many.


    Girls - Ava, Bridie, Tessa, Holly, Indigo, Emme, Liliana, Ellen, Elsie, Nikita, Lola, Lulu, Kitty, Kaia, Jennifer, Jenna, Daniella, Deloros, Lavender, Natalia.

    Boys - Levi, Andrew, Greyson, Benjamin, Kevin, Keith, Liam, Owen, Isaac, River, Oliver, Tex, Archer, Harrison, Kai, Todd, Patrick, Edmund, Frederick, Vincent.

    4. you have
    a) 0 or 1 sibling - you go on an interstate family holiday.
    b) 2 or 3 siblings - you go on an international family holiday.
    c) 3 or 4 siblings - you adopt a beautiful 2 year old. Name comes from where you adopted.
    d) more than 4 siblings - you choose from the above.

    5. You have
    a) blonde hair - your home burns down and though 3 of the family were inside, everyone is okay after a brief hospital visit.
    b) brown hair - A member of your family becomes ill and you provide care.
    c) black hair - You and your partner start having issues.
    d) other - You become ill.

    6. your first pet was
    a) a dog - things get worse. (The house fire was intentional, the family member passes away, you and your partner split or you get bad news)
    b) a cat - things get better. (The house is almost rebuilt. The family member is better or no worse. You and your husband sought things out. you get good news)
    c) bird - you get bad news.
    d) Rabbit - you get good news
    e) other - you welcome a beautiful new baby


    Girls - Rebecca, Kaylin, Alexa, Olivia, Cadence, Kelly, Sasha, Maeve, Isla, Georgia, Tabitha, Matilda, Charlotte, Lucille, Amanda, Samantha, Elizabeth, Sadie, Keegan, Stevie.

    Boys - Cohen, Elliot, George, Jacoby, James, Hunter, Hayden, Kyle, Ryan, Rylan, Quentin, Samson, Elijah, Gabriel, Jensen, Jared, Henry, Tyrese, Kendall, Courtney.

    7. your favourite show
    a) is SVU or Criminal Minds - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.
    b) is Glee or Baby Daddy - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.
    c) is Castle or Forever - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.
    d) is any of the NCIS's - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.
    e) is Chicago PD or Fire - you welcome a beautiful baby boy.
    f) is Once Upon a Time or Supernatural - you welcome a beautiful baby boy.
    g) is more than one of the above - you welcome a set of beautiful twins. Genders go with the shows.
    h) is not listed - you welcome a beautiful little set of kittens into your family.


    Girls - Miranda, Mariska, Penelope, Andrea, Mercedes, Emma, Bonnie, Riley, Kate, Martha, Alana, Kensi, Abby, Zoe, Gabriella, Lindsay, Mary-Margaret, Regina, Ruby and Lilith.

    Boys - Donald, Brian, Derek, Spencer, Kurt, Noah, Tucker, Benjamin, Javier, Richard, Henry, Lucas, Leroy, Jethro, Callen, Eric, Dwayne, Sebastian, Matthew, Joe, Jay, Antonio, Killian, David, Sam and Lucifer.

    Kittens - Castiel, Milo, Otis, Buddha, Norbert, Hagrid, Ron, Godric, Nessie, Fleur, Dobby, Olive, Maggie, Millie.

    8. your name starts with
    a) A to E - you go on a family holiday to Disneyland in Florida.
    b) F to J - you go on a family holiday to Harry Potter World.
    c) K to O - you go on a family vacation to the snow.
    d) P to T - you and your partner go on a second honeymoon.
    e) U to Y - you go on a solo trip or a trip with your best friend. If you are single you meet a new man.
    f) Z - you welcome a beautiful baby boy. name your choice.

    9. you prefer
    a) tea - if you met a man, you introduce him to your children and get engaged. If not, you renovate your house.
    b) coffee - you move homes. why?
    c) juice or other - life is uneventful.

    10. you have
    a) a dog - if you are engaged you get married. If not you renew your vows.
    b) a cat - if you are engaged you elope. If not nothing happens.
    c) a bird - if you are engaged you and your fiancee move in together with your children and his 3 sons. Named after TV/Movie Characters. If not then you adopt an animal, same naming rules.
    d) other - your choice of above.

    11. your country of birth starts with
    a) A-C - your youngest (son if you have one) gets diagnosed with either severe Asthma or Allergies resulting in Anaphylaxis.
    b) D-F - your second youngest (son if you have one) gets diagnosed with an illness relating to his kidneys.
    c) G-I - your youngest (daughter if you have one) gets diagnosed with a heart related illness.
    d) J-L - your eldest (daughter if you have one) is diagnosed with a silent illness.
    e) M-O - one of your children is diagnosed with is diagnosed with cancer.
    f) P-R - one of your children gets diagnosed with a brain related illness.
    g) S-U - one of your children is diagnosed with a tumour. They need surgery but thankfully it is determined to be benign.
    h) W-Z - one of your children becomes very ill but doctors struggle to find out why.

    12. you have
    a) Asthma or Allergies - after multiple hospital visits, things are looking up for your child.
    b) Kidney related illness - gets worse before it gets better.
    c) Heart related illness - your child is feeling much better but there are complications.
    d) Silent illness - your child is well but unfortunately two more of your children are diagnosed with silent illnesses too.
    e) Have had or are fighting cancer - months of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and either transfusions or transplants and you get the all clear. Your child is in remission.
    f) brain related illness - your child is as healthy as the illness allows or is back to full health.
    g) other - everyone is perfectly healthy.

    13. what colour clothes are you wearing
    a) Blue/Green- after the year you've had you take the family on holiday.
    b) Pink/Purple - after the year you've had you move cities to start over.
    c) Silver/Grey - after the year you've had you take some time off work to spend with the kids.
    d) Black/Brown - after the year you've had you are thrilled to welcome a beautiful baby boy.
    e) Multiple colours - 2 of the above.


    Boys - Albert, Mac, Lyle, Dennis, Hugh, Theo, Parker, Carter, Adam, Eli, Rohan, Fergus, Edward, Rory, Trenton, Travis, Tristan, Isiaah, Peter, Nathan.

    14. you have
    a) brothers - you welcome beautiful twin boys.
    b) sisters - you welcome beautiful twin girls.
    c) both - you have multiples to the amount and gender of your siblings.


    Girls - Evelyn/Eveline, Evangeline, Missy, Taylor, Sailor, Saraya, Amalia, Amaya, Josephine, Rosalie, Katherine, Violet, Milla, Claire, Clara, Henrietta, Nell, Scout, Tali and Rumor.

    Boys - Thomas, Samuel, Hugo, Jackson, Xavier, Levi, Xander, Zane, Zaydon, Zeke, Anders, Bartholomew, Alec, Alexander, Justin, Mackenzie, Wallace, Terence, Jesse, Kaden.

    15. you have
    a) been to comic con - you welcome a beautiful new baby. Surprise!! the middle name is after the celebrity you are crushing on right now.
    c) been to another celebrity featured event - your life feels complete.
    d) both - you choose.
    e) neither - you welcome another addition. You choose whether that is a beautiful new baby or a pet. Naming rules apply to both.

    Life is nothing like you imagined but beyond your wildest dreams.

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    Me - Katherine *Kate* Lily Munro
    Husband - Evan Reginald Jones

    Evan and I had been married for two wonderful years when we discovered we were expecting our beautiful little girl. On June 8th we welcomed Ella May.

    When Ella May is 14 months old, she becomes a big sister to our beautiful new son Lucas William.

    2 beautiful children becomes three when we welcome Harrison *Harry* Levi on August 23rd, 2 days after Lucas's first birthday.

    When Harry is 6 months old, Evan and I decide to take the kids on a holiday so we fly to England and spend 3 months exploring the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and so many more wonderful places.

    A month before Ella May turns 4, our house burns down. Evan and the boys were home at the time and are taken to hospital for smoke inhalation but are okay and come to my parents the next day as they offered to take us in for as long as we need.

    Over the following year our house starts to get rebuilt, we begin looking at primary schools for Ella May and we get the exciting news that my little sister and her Fiancé are expecting a baby boy.

    The new year is hectic, with Ella May starting school, my sister and her fiancé welcoming our nephew Pheonix into the world and Evan and I discovering we are expecting twins and welcoming two beautiful little people, Zoe Mary Margaret and Samuel *Sam* Leroy, into our lives on December 23rd.

    The following year, Lucas starts school and Ella is a wonderful big sister and looks after him everyday at school so when she begs us to take her to 'Harry Potter World' for her 7th birthday, we relent but go in July and it is amazing.

    When we get back from our holiday we decide to renovate part of the house as the twins are getting bigger and will need their own room soon, they can't share with us forever. Other than that life is pretty laid back.

    Ella has rubbed of on her younger brothers because both Lucas and Harry start asking for a puppy and after months of begging and big eyes, we agree to get a beautiful Golden Retriever that the boys name Godric.

    When the twins are 3, Sam has a coughing fit that won't stop, while we are at the park one day and when he starts becoming floppy, a beautiful passerby calls an ambulance while I cradle my son and encourage him to stay calm. He is whisked off to hospital where he is diagnosed with Asthma and given ventolin and oxygen. He stays overnight and is back to his bubbly self the next day. He is triggered by over exercising and pollen and has other unknown triggers, so Evan and I become very vigilant and Sam is on a preventer every day during peak pollen season and we have to carry a puffer and spacer everywhere. He's a happy boy though.

    Sam endures a few trips to the hospital over the next year and we discover he is triggered by specific chemicals; such as bug sprays, dettol and some perfumes, dust, smoke, pollution and he has to be careful around Godric. He is put on a preventer full time and has to take it every day. We also discover that Zoe and Lucas have Asthma too and are prescribed ventolin but they have very mild Asthma, poor Sam has it much worse. He had a rough trot but is on the mend and the medicines are helping him stay the happy, active boy he is.

    To help Sam forget about his Asthma, we take the kids down the coast for a week. They absolutely love it and not long after we return Evan and I find out we are adding to the family and the kids are thrilled when we tell them and even more so when their beautiful baby brother Theo Albert is born October 23rd.

    When Theo is 4 months old we get an even bigger shock, we are expecting again but this time there are three heartbeats. THREE. On August 16th we welcome a beautiful new baby boy; Hugo *Hugh* Alexander and Identical little girls; Evelyn *Eve* Claire and Rosalie *Rose* Katherine.

    I thought two was a handful. I am blessed that Evan is so wonderful and that Ella May, Lucas, Harry, Zoe and Sam are such hands on siblings.

    Hugh, Eve and Rose are due to start school when I start feeling unwell. I put it down to a tummy bug and stress but when I am still crook a few weeks later I start to wonder. 3 tests come back negative and I start to feel better so forget all about it until I start feeling unwell again 2 weeks later, a trip to the doctors and antibiotics don't do anything and another 2 tests come back negative. After feeling crook for almost 2 months now I go to the hospital instead, I am dehydrated, underweight and most definitely pregnant. I am given nausea tablets which work like magic and for the first time in weeks eat a full meal and keep it down. I gain weight and though the baby is a little underweight everything looks good.

    Our beautiful surprise baby arrives, 2 weeks early on our way to my parents house. He is still a little on the light side but is perfectly healthy, Jethro Raul, is trouble right from the start.

    Evan and I are so in love with our little man and Ella May 14, Lucas 13, Harry 12, Zoe and Sam 9, Theo 7 and Hugh, Rose and Eve 6 just adore their baby brother.

    Life was nothing like I had imagined but beyond my wildest dreams.

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    Far North Queensland
    Me: Ella May Horan (Price)
    Husband: Niall James Horan

    Niall and I had been married for 18 months, when we discovered I was pregnant. 9 months later, on the 20th November, Isadora Celeste was born.

    We move from Melbourne to London to be closer to Niall's family when Isadora is 6 months old

    When Isadora is 2 and half, our second daughter, Ellen Bridie is born on May 11th.

    When Isadora is 4 and Ellen is 2 and a half we go on a family holiday to America and travel from Alaska to Hawaii.

    Not long after we return from our holiday, Niall's mother falls ill and we care for her until she is better.

    3 months later, one of my friends; Amira; rings with the shocking news that one of our other friends; Millie was killed in a hit-and-run. Niall and I fly over to Melbourne for the funeral while Niall's father looks after Isadora and Ellen.

    5 months after the funeral, Niall and I are at the park, when Ellen drags us over to a bush on the far side. We surprised to see 4 kittens! There is no mother with them, so suspecting they were dumped, we take them home. Planning to take them to the animal shelter, we relent after Isadora and Ellen beg us to keep them. We name them Castiel, Godric, Fleur and Olive.
    (l to r: Godric, Olive, Castiel, Fleur)

    We go on family holiday to Disneyland, Florida when Isadora is 5 and Ellen is 3 and half.

    Life is uneventful for the next 2 years.

    When Isadora is 7 and Ellen is 5 and half, she suddenly has an asthma attack. Since I too am asthmatic, I recognised the symptoms and we immediately rang an ambulance. While at the hospital, the Doctors confirm that Ellen as Asthma, and is given ventolin and oxygen. Ellen is discharged from hospital the next day. We go and buy a puffer and spacer and maker sure take it with us everywhere and is on a preventer during the peak pollen season.

    After several hospital visits, the following year, we discover that some perfumes, pollen, dust and pollution are some of the triggers of Ellen's Asthma. She then needs to take her preventer everyday to help keep it under control. Pretty soon and little Ellen is on the mend and starting to return to her happy self.

    2 months later, I find out I'm pregnant! Our surprise baby boy, Rory Tristan is born 7 months later on August 29th.

    We all thought our life was complete, but when Rory is just 10 months old, I discover I'm pregnant again! At the 2 month scan, we discover I'm having twins! 8 months later, on February 9th, we welcome Edmund Hugo and Clara Josephine into our family.

    Niall and I absolutely love our little angels as do Isadora (10), Ellen (8 and-a-half) and Rory (3), who love the twins to bits,

    Life was nothing like I had imagined but beyond my wildest dreams.
    22. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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    My name is Wilhelmina Ruby Thorne, but I just go by Willa. I meet River Henry Holbrook in a local coffee shop when we are in college. We automatically click and begin dating when I am 20 and he is 22. Two years later, we get married and move to a quaint apartment in Seattle, Washington. I begin working as a journalist for a local news station, and River designs equipment for a hiking and camping company.

    River and I are thinking about starting a family, and we decide to begin by adopting a puppy. We choose a sweet golden retriever and name him Murphy.

    In preparation for our future family, River and I buy a house in Vancouver, Canada. It is an old mill building on a lovely river. I get anther journalism job with a different news station in Vancouver, and River works for the same company's Vancouver headquarters.

    Once we have settled into our new house, River and I get some exciting news: we're expecting a baby! In nine months I give birth to a beautiful little boy whom we name Archer Vincent Holbrook. We call him Archie.

    When Archie is 18 months, River and I take him on a trip to Lake Louise in Alberta.

    When we return from Lake Louise, we find out that my mother is very ill. River and I make frequent trips to her house to help my father take care of her. It is a very hard time for us.

    Three months later, my mother passed away. Her passing was peaceful, but River, my father and I miss her dearly, and we are sad that she won't be there to see Archie grow up.

    Soon after the passing of my mother, River and I get some exciting news that we are expecting a new little member to our family. When Archie is two and a half, he becomes a big brother! River and I name our new little boy Tucker Callen Holbrook. Archie nicknames him Tuck and it sticks.

    When Tuck is one and Archie is three and a half, we go on a family van action to Harry Potter World. Harry Potter is River's guilty pleasure, and he has the time of his life at Harry Potter World. Archie has a lot of fun with his dad, and Tuck and I enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.

    River and I decide to renew our vows when we turn from Florida. We are still so in love with each other and want to declare our commitment again.

    We get quite the scare a few months later when Tuck is diagnosed with a tumor. Thankfully, after undergoing surgery, it is determined to be benign.

    Tuck has to pay a few more visits to the doctor in the next couple of months, but there are no complications and things are looking very well.

    By the end of the year, Tuck is two and Archie is four and a half. River and I are four months along with our third child! In a few months we welcome another beautiful son, Fergus Hugh Holbrook. River and I both take time off from work to spend with our children.

    When Fergus is only six months old, River and I get a huge surprise: we're pregnant again! We're a bit overwhelmed, but when we find out we're expecting two babies, we don't even know what to think! Although overwhelmed, we are incredibly excited, especially when I give birth and we find out it's two little girls! We name our lovely daughters Henrietta Violet Holbrook and Katherine Milla Holbrook. We call them Etta and Kitty.

    River and I couldn't be happier with our beautiful family. Archie, Tuck and Fergus love and protect their little sisters Etta and Kitty. Life feels complete!


    DW (31): Wilhelmina Ruby Holbrook
    DH (33): River Henry Holbrook
    - DS1 (6): Archer Vincent Holbrook
    - DS2 (3.5): Tucker Callen Holbrook
    - DS3 (1): Fergus Hugh Holbrook
    - DD1 (nb): Henrietta Violet Holbrook
    - DD2 (nb): Katherine Milla Holbrook
    and Murphy the golden retriever

    "Willa and River with Archie, Tuck, Fergus, Etta and Kitty and Murphy the golden"
    sylvie beatrice. poppy olivine. imogen ferris. lotus yvette. fauna margo. yana lavender.
    louie matthias. clement wright. hampton hugo. victor rusak. malcolm bruin. freddie walker.

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    Me: Lily Mae
    Husband: Matthew Alexander

    DS: Finlay "Finn" Oscar

    I decide to change jobs from a general doctor to a paediatrician.

    DD/DD: Ava Danielle and Lola Jennifer

    We take a family holiday to Wales. We are very happy when we return until one day, suddenly there is a big storm and lightening hits our house. Our house burns down and although myself, Ava and Lola were inside, everyone is okay after a brief hospital visit.

    DD: Charlotte "Lottie" Olivia

    Kittens: Millie and Milo

    After the trouble with the house we treat the family to a holiday in Disneyland, Florida. When we return we also decide to renew our vows. We thought our luck was changing but a month later Finn starts going pale, we think he just has a bug but one night he becomes floppy and unresponsive. We rush him to hospital where he is diagnosed with kidney failure. Over the next two months Finn gets worse and worse but we decide to put him under the dangerous operation to have a kidney transplant, donated from Matt. He is weak and the surgeons are unsure about whether he will wake up. We decide we have to try it and thankfully he does wake. A month later he returns home and within six months he is leading a normal, active life again.

    DS: Nathan Rohan
    DS: Thomas Alexander
    DD: Evie Rose

    DW (31): Lily Mae
    DH (32): Matthew Alexander

    DS (10): Finlay "Finn" Oscar
    DD/DD (9): Ava Danielle and Lola Jennifer
    DD (7): Charlotte "Lottie" Olivia
    DS (3): Nathan Rohan
    DS (2): Thomas Alexander
    DD (nb): Evie Rose
    Evie, Isabelle (Issie), Charlotte (Lottie), Sophie, Lillie, Madison (Maddie), Alice

    Charlie, George, Oliver, Oscar, Noah, Harvey, Finlay (Finn)

    Evie Rose, Noah James, Oscar Thomas, Charlotte "Lottie" Mia, Sophie Flora, Isabelle "Issie" Mae, Charlie Max

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